How long does it take to walk the West Coast Trail?

How long does it take to walk the West Coast Trail?

between 6 and 8 days
Hiking the West Coast Trail is difficult, even for experienced hikers.” Most people will spend between 6 and 8 days in the backcountry, when travelling from end-to-end. There’s also a mid-way entry point at Nitinaht Village, which can shorten your journey by a few days.

Can you do the West Coast Trail in a day?

Best Time of the Year to Hike the West Coast Trail The West Coast trail is open from May 1st to September 30th, only 30 people are allowed to start hiking the trail each day. The popular trail is fully booked for most of the season so there will be more or less the same number of people on the trail at all times.

Can you run the West Coast Trail?

When:The WCT is open from May 1 until September 30. Trailheads: There are only three access points for the West Coast Trail. The entire route connects the trailhead at Pachena Bay in the north (near Bamfield) to the trailhead at the mouth of the Gordon River in the south (near Port Renfrew).

How much does West Coast Trail cost?

Example Hiker Fees:

Adult Family or Group
$10.00/day $20.00/day

What should I pack for the West Coast Trail?

What to Pack:

  • 75 – 80 L backpack.
  • Warm sleeping bag and thin liner (ideally silk or other breathable fabric – optional)
  • Water resistant and windproof jacket (with hood) and pants.
  • Fleece jacket and pants.
  • Shirt with long sleeves / T-shirt.
  • Hiking pants / shorts.
  • Poly-propylene underwear.
  • 2 – 3 pairs of hiking socks.

Where does the West Coast Trail start and end?

It is a formidable test, both mentally and physically,” he adds. The WestCoastTrail is a 75-km backpacking route that follows the southwestern edge of Vancouver Island, BC.

Where is the wildest trail running in BC?

BC’s Wildest Trail Running Events. Coast Mountain Trail Running (CMTR) hosts a collection of quality, challenging, professionally run trail events in world class destinations around Vancouver’s North Shore and Sea to Sky Corridor.

Is the West Coast Trail in Sweden a race?

West Coast Trail is a part of West Sweden Action Weeks. West Sweden Action Weeks (WSAW) collects races for those who run, paddle, cycle, swim or roller ski. WSAW offer experiences and environments in western Sweden that amaze those who participate.

Where are the coastal run races in California?

Our events are located in amazingly beautiful parks and recreation areas in California. We are known for our well-marked courses, accurately measured distances, immediate race results, quality shirt designs, and low-key, friendly atmosphere.