How long does it take to go through the edge of hell?

How long does it take to go through the edge of hell?

On average, the Beast Haunted House takes approximately 45 minutes, Edge of Hell Haunted House takes approximately 30 minutes and Macabre Cinema Haunted House takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

How much does it cost to go to the edge of hell?

Price: Single ticket $27 and discounts available with haunt combination tickets. VIP skip the lines $37.

Does the edge of hell have a slide?

A converted five story warehouse, it offers a quarter-mile walk through sensory stimulation–that ends abruptly 30 minutes later, as you slide from heaven down the five-story spiral slide into the arms of the Devil himself. This is the granddaddy of ’em all–and with good reason.

Who owns the Edge of Hell haunted house?

Monty Summers is the owner/president of Full Moon Productions, which operates the Edge of Hell and The Beast every year from late August through Halloween. The haunting idea caught the heart and soul of this 14-year-old boy and after 30 years in the fright business, Monty continues to look for original ideas.

How much is it to get into the beast?

Price: Single tickets $27 and discounts available with combo ticket purchase with other area haunts.

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Texarkana, a city found in both Texas and Arkansas….Cities in Two States.

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Where is the edge of Hell Haunted House?

About Beast and Edge of Hell Haunted Attractions. The Beast and Edge of Hell are world-class haunted house attractions located in Kansas City’s Historic West Bottoms District, near downtown off the 12th Street Bridge.

Where is the edge of Hell in Kansas City?

Our trip to the edge of hell was a lot of fun. It a old school haunt with lots of of cool scenes, dark narrow hallways and fun animatronics. It’s in the old run down part of KC which adds to the fun. With the Beast around the block and the Macabre cinema next door we had a super fun night.

What’s the hot tip for edge of Hell?

Hot tip- pay the extra $15 for a VIP ticket. Once inside, their excitement was squelched immediately as they found the route through the maze of rooms so congested with people, that they could only shuffle.

How did the door to hell get There?

The Door to Hell is a crater in a large natural gas field that has been burning for decades. It is said that a Soviet oil rig fell into the crater in 1971, and a geologist decided to get rid of the rig by setting the pit on fire.