How is the setting described in chapter 1 Of Mice and Men?

How is the setting described in chapter 1 Of Mice and Men?

In the opening chapter of the novella, Steinbeck depicts the tranquil environment of a sandy bank along the Salinas River. The natural setting is peaceful and idyllic as the sun shines upon the pool of water and the slopes of the Gabilan Mountains overlook the river.

What is the setting of the first scene in Of Mice and Men?

In the opening extract, Steinbeck presents an idyllic, natural setting. He describes the “warm” and “twinkling” water of the Salinas River, for example, and the extensive, tree-lined valley. The setting is a pool stemming from the Salinas River valley. The scene depicted is peaceful.

What does the setting represent in Of Mice and Men?

We know setting to mean where the story takes place. In Of Mice and Men, the action happens at the ranch and the land surround it. This is important because it tells us the story is set during America’s Great Depression. This information is important to the context of the story.

What 3 animals is Lennie compared to in Chapter 1?

Chapter 1:

  • Animal Imagery: Lennie is compared to a bear and a horse.
  • Lennie and George are described as opposites; Lennie is big and George is small, Lennie is the body and George is the brains.
  • The mouse in Lennie’s pocket is foreshadowing.

Where are George and Lennie coming from in Chapter 1?

At the start of the book, Lennie and George are just coming to the little heavenly bit of the Salinas River near Soledad. They have been hitchhiking this way so that they can get to the ranch where they have been told they will work. They are coming from Northern California, from the town of Weed.

Where does George tell Lennie hide?

George tells Lennie to come and hide in the bushes near where they are camping in Chapter 1. He will come and find Lennie there and tell him what to do next. “Look, Lennie–if you jus’ happen to get in trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here and hide in the brush.”

How did George treat Lennie?

How does George seem to feel about how he treated Lennie? George treat Lennie bad and Lennie jumped into the river. George felt sad because he was been mean to Lennie. You just studied 10 terms!