How high should a G5RV jr be?

How high should a G5RV jr be?

Otherwise, a basic antenna tuner will work just fine. In ideal circumstances this 51 ft long antenna should be placed at height of around 16� – however, few hams have ideal circumstances and this antenna can still be a solid performer at much lower heights or in an inverted-V formation.

How long is a G5RV Jr?

G5RV JUNIOR is a HF Wire Antenna, covering 40m to 10m bands. It’s overall length is 51ft 15.55 meters, Ladder line 15.6 feet 4.77 meters and should be fed with good quality 50 Ohms coaxial cable (recommended feed length of 45 or 90 ft).

What is a ladder line?

Ladder line or “window line” is a variation of twin lead which is constructed similarly, except that the polyethylene webbing between the wires which holds them apart has rectangular openings (“windows”) cut in it. The most common type is 450 ohm ladder line, which has a conductor spacing of about an inch.

How tall does a G5RV jr.antenna need to be?

I will use a piece of 550 Para cord run through the open ends to hand the insulator allowing the Ladder line to drape downward to the ground. It is advisable to hang this antenna as high up as possible. Getting its at least 20 feet up on a tree branch or some other non conductive support would be suitable.

Is there a half size G5RV conversion for 80m?

Half-size G5RV Conversion for 80m Effect of the 80m loading coils on bandwidth and other bands The 79uH loading coil and extra wires are not without a down side. These only enable the antenna to be use on a much narrower portion of the 80 m band compared to that of an 80m resonant dipole.

How big is a half size G5RV feeder?

The Antenna can also be constructed with homebrew open wire feeder that has a 2cm spacing using 3mm diameter wire 5.55m long. The model’s feeder is shorter because it employed a 300Ω feeder with a VF =0.82. The Half-size G5RV or G5RV-Jnr does not perform in the same way as Louis Varney’s full size G5RV.

Who is the designer of the G5RV multiband HF antenna?

The G5RV multiband wire HF antenna provides a very convenient, cost effective multiband antenna solution for HF ham radio communiations and as a result it has been popular for many years. The G5RV antenna is based upon the doublet antenna concept and it was designed by Louis Varney, who held the amateur radio callsign, G5RV.