How good are Edelbrock E Street heads?

How good are Edelbrock E Street heads?

The Edelbrock heads show-ed an improvement with numbers of 342 lb-ft at 4,500 rpm and a power peak of 305 hp at 5,400 rpm. However, even at a total head/intake/valvetrain package price of perhaps $200 more than the Vortec iron heads, the Edelbrock E-Street heads seem to be the better.

What are 041 Chevy heads?

The “041” head was a 1969-1970 high performance head, with the same exact performance characteristics as both the “186” and “187” Camel (double) Hump heads. It also is a 64 cc combustion chamber. It was available from the factor with both 1.94/1.5 and 2.02/1.6 valves, just depended upon which vehicle GM put them in.

What kind of manifold do I need for Edelbrock 5089?

The Edelbrock 5089 cylinder heads will work with an Edelbrock EPS Performer intake manifold as long as the intake is designed for a pre-1986 Chevy. Edelbrock 2701 is the correct EPS intake manifold for use with these heads.

What kind of cylinder head does an Edelbrock use?

The Edelbrock E-Street cylinder heads offer American made quality and affordable performance. E-Street cylinder heads feature as-cast ports and are designed for entry-level street performance applications operating in the idle-to-5500 rpm range.

What are the flow numbers on Edelbrock SBC heads?

I figured I would open a new one on these Edelbrock heads. As advertised flow numbers off their sight state flow numbers as being the same for the part number #5089 and # 5073. I find that a bit odd one has 64cc chambers #5089 and the other #5073 has 70cc chambers. So as advertised by Edelbrock. 1020 flow bench.

How much does Edelbrock performer rpm heads cost?

Anyway Edelbrock had the Performer RPM heads out and they were just over $900 a pair and my buddy there said he was going to get a pair. I said man those things are expensive he said he gets them for 5% over cost and the cost was in the $450 area for him for the pair. Lowend Administrator. .a car, a man, a maraca.