How does a rib quote tattoo look like?

How does a rib quote tattoo look like?

A rib quote tattoo can either by portrayed horizontally, vertically, or in stacked positions across the ribcage. Either way, the perfect quote for the wearer is one that emphasizes their personal mindset.

Can a horizontal rib tattoo be done on a rib?

Keep your lines shorter for a horizontal tattoo. A skilled tattoo artist can help you break apart a longer lyric, poem or prayer properly, ensuring that your rib tattoo doesn’t end up being a wrap-around torso piece. If your chosen piece of text can’t be broken into size-friendly lines, consider restructuring into a vertical rib tattoo.

Why do I need a rib cage tattoo?

Others simply need a constant reminder in following their dreams, aspirations, and life goals, which a rib quote tattoo is meant to do. Depending on the style and size of the font, the message can nicely complement the body’s rib cage and highlight the natural curvature of the body, which can score some interested looks on the beach.

Why does getting a tattoo on your ribs hurt so much?

The reason for this is simple anatomy – the skin over your ribs is very close to the bone. This is the same reason why hand, foot, shin and other tattoos hurt more than those on meatier areas like the chest or thigh. Rib writing tattoos can hurt, but keep the finish line in sight.

Can a guy get a tattoo on his rib?

Hops bine tattoos look so sensual on guys ribs. Rib cage is not like hip, where only girls look nice with tattoos. For guys who love side tattoos, never pick you hip for tattooing, instead pick your rib. Men rib is a nice choice for tattooing mannish tattoo designs.

Which is the best rib tattoo for girls?

For girls floral designs starting from the hip and going up to the side of the breast, flowers with absolute leaves and stalks and roofed with exciting colors and cherry blossom trees are some of the eye-catching designs. Rib tattoos can reveal a sagacity of femininity. © Simply Tattoo. Guys skull rib tattoo with a terrified concept.

What’s the best tattoo quote for a man?

Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in the literature due to his meaningful song lyrics. Point is you can try a lyrics tattoo (as quote) on your body and surely it will be unique and new tattoo quotes for men. 16. You can also opt for meaningful quotes that are popular in pop culture. It can be movie quotes or quote from popular TV shows or comic strips.