How does a Regina music box work?

How does a Regina music box work?

The musical information is “stored” on a carefully punched metal disc. The holes in the disc engage with the teeth of a gear, which in turn plucks a musical comb. The Regina Company had a vast library of songs, crafted by the best audio engineers of the time…

When were Regina music boxes made?

Regina music boxes were manufactured between 1894-1919.

Where were Regina music boxes made?

Gradually, the movements were imported and assembled into American-made boxes. After a year of immediate success, Brachhausen purchased a 25,000-square foot building at 54 Cherry Street in Rahway. In a few years, Regina was manufacturing their products entirely in America, as Brachhausen accumulated patents.

Who owns Regina vacuum?

In the 1930s, Regina introduced a canister vacuum, and in the 1940s they made stick models along with bomb fuses. In the 1980s, employees bought the company, but it was later acquired by Philips Electronics in 1995, Oreck in 1997 and the Royal Corporation in 2000.

How does a Polyphon music box work?

A Polyphon is a large disk-operated music box. The plectra protrude from the backside of the disk. As the disk rotates they contact a ratchet mechanism that plucks the tines. A large sounding board amplifies the sound.

Did they have music boxes in the 1800s?

These were cylinder style music boxes that used a small tuned-steel comb that played pins set in a cylinder. By the 1800s the music boxes had shrunk noticeably in size and many new developments started to take place that improved the look of the case and added more teeth to produce greater sound.

How does a Polyphon work?

How long can a music box song be?

These tunes play from 4 bars to 8 bars of music in 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 time depending upon the diameter of the cylinder. (The older mechanism have wider cylinders. A movement can last three minutes or so when fully wound. All tunes repeat after the cylinder has made one full revolution.

What kind of Music Box does Regina have?

REGINA ORCHESTRAL 27″ AUTOMATIC CHANGER HOME MODEL UPRIGHT DISC MUSIC BOX 18-1/2″ New Century 4 Comb Upright disc music box. Coin operated. Superb. Fully restored. Has very loud and deep sound. New Century produced the highest quality musical boxes of their day.

What kind of piano did the Regina company make?

Coin Piano – Regina sold player pianos which were manufactured by other companies, sometimes putting German-made mechanisms into their own cases. One model was branded the “Reginapiano”. Concerto – The concerto used a 32-inch music box disc to control a player piano.

Where did the Regina Box Company come from?

Initially, Regina imported their boxes from Polyphon, selling 11 and 15.5-inch models. Gradually, the movements were imported and assembled into American-made boxes.

How big is a Regina vacuum cleaner disc?

In 2020 Regina Vacuum LLC relaunched the Regina brand. Regina Music Box – Regina’s music boxes were their original product, and they had an 80-90% share of the market at the company’s peak. Regina music boxes use a flat metal disc, as opposed to a cylinder. Sizes ranged from 8.5 – 27 inches.