How do you harden Alistair and Leliana?

How do you harden Alistair and Leliana?

Only two companions can be “hardened”: Alistair and Leliana. In both cases it is done via dialogue after their companion quest (Alistair’s Family and Leliana’s Past respectively) is finished.

Can Morrigan turn into a dragon?

Morrigan gains the ability to shapeshift into a dragon and battles with Corypheus’ dragon.

Does Alistair have to be hardened to marry him?

Do not kill Loghain → Persuade Alistair & Anora to marry (Alistair must be hardened, otherwise he will refuse). Result: Alistair leaves the Grey Wardens immediately to marry Anora. You must not select any dialogue options that pertain to having Loghain join the Wardens, as this will cause him to not marry Anora.

What happens if King Alistair?

If Alistair is made king, the Warden made queen, Anora will refuse to renounce her claims to the throne, so Alistair orders her to be locked up and only if Alistair dies from the Blight, will she become Queen. Furthermore, Loghain will always die if the female human noble Warden becomes Alistair’s queen.

What did Alistair do in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Alistair also asks the Inquisition to serve as mediators in the peace talks with the ruler of Orlais, following the resolution of the War of the Lions . Alistair as a Grey Warden in Dragon Age: Inquisition. If Alistair remained a Grey Warden: Hawke contacts Alistair to help them investigate Red Lyrium.

What does the approval number mean in Dragon Age?

The dialogue options shown here are currently only partial lists and do not include every conversation option. The approval number shown represents the change in approval for that specific conversation option and not for the entire conversation. For the total change in approval add up each option you intend to select. version 1.04 confirmed.

Who is the bastard son of King Maric in Dragon Age?

Duncan vows to watch over Alistair and to bring news to Maric of Alistair’s life. Maric’s promise to Fiona is fulfilled and Alistair is raised in Redcliffe by Arl Eamon, believing himself to be the bastard son of King Maric and a human serving maid, and half-brother to Goldanna.

Why did Alistair go to Redcliffe in Dragon Age?

In order to protect the honor of his sister, Queen Rowan, Arl Eamon had agreed to Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir ‘s suggestion that Alistair should be sheltered in Redcliffe. Alistair was trained to become a templar for many years by the Chantry, this being how he learned most of his martial skills.