How do you get Level 5 suit in Dead Space?

How do you get Level 5 suit in Dead Space?

The schematic for the level 5 suit (the last normal suit in a first round play) is in the zero G basketball locker room. Zero G basketball is actually fun, but harder to adjust to since you have to space jump, then use kinesis to grab the ball and dunk it into one of the four scoring holes at the end of the arena.

Is the Ripper in Dead Space good?

In Dead Space, the Ripper is one of the most ammo efficient weapons in the game, because you are able to kill a Slasher with just 1 or 2 blades. However, if one upgrades the Ripper, it can become a valuable asset, mainly because of its low demand of ammunition.

Where is the Level 3 suit in Dead Space?

The suit costs 20,000 Credits and the schematic can be found by taking the elevator down to the captain’s nest in Chapter Four. The entire RIG can be purchased in the Avatar Marketplace in Xbox LIVE for 480 Microsoft Points (Helmet for 160 Microsoft Points and Abdomen for 320 Microsoft Points.

What are all the suits in Dead Space?

List of Suits (ALL) Dead Space. Standard Engineer RIG. Standard Miner RIG. Intermediate Engineer RIG. Intermediate Miner RIG. Advanced Engineer RIG. Advanced Soldier RIG.

Who is wearing the advanced soldier rig in Dead Space?

EDF Marines wearing the Advanced Soldier RIG in Dead Space: Aftermath. A propaganda poster showing the Military Suit. A close front view of the RIG. Backside of suit. Note how the RIG is not directly attached to the spine area of the suit. A wounded marine wearing the RIG.

Where do you Drop the stasis pack in Dead Space?

Drop a stasis pack where you meet the insane Dr. Kynes, as well as a slot of Line Racks (two to four shots — for the mines). You can opt to drop some ripper ammo if you prefer (although the linegun will work). A medikit may not be necessary, but handy (just in case). Head back to the store and haul out your stash again if you want to.

What are the enemies in the Save Room in Dead Space?

The enemy you’re looking for isn’t terribly hard, but it can be annoying since there are a lot of dead bodies in the save room. Stasis/buzzsaw the jellyfish and zombie necro as you step out from the narrow red hallway and you’ll have cleared the chapter (mostly) of enemies.