How do you deal with a stubborn defiant child?

How do you deal with a stubborn defiant child?

Here are seven strategies to help you stay composed when you are faced with defiant behavior from your kids.Don’t ever take it personally. Consider why they refuse. Talk to yourself. Reflect and honor a child’s feelings and meet them where they are. Hold boundaries on unsafe behavior only.

Why having a strong willed child is a good thing?

Being persistent and determined can be a good thing. According to Laura Markham, clinical psychologist at Columbia University, strong-willed children want to learn things for themselves rather than accept what others say, so they test the limits over and over again. …

What does stubborn child mean?

: a minor (as in the state of Massachusetts) who refuses to submit to the lawful commands of parent or guardian and may be placed in state custodial care — compare wayward child.

How do you deal with a stubborn child at school?

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