How do you convert a base 10 number to another base?

How do you convert a base 10 number to another base?

How to convert a Base 10 number to another base

  1. First, divide the number by the base to get the remainder.
  2. Then repeat the process by dividing the quotient of step 1, by the new base.
  3. Repeat this process until your quotient becomes less than the base.

What is the difference between base 2 and base 10?

In base 10, there are ten digits (0-9), and each place is worth ten times the place to its right. In binary, base 2, there are only two digits (0 and 1), and each place is worth two times the place to its right.

Where would base 60 be useful?

Modern usage. Modern uses for the sexagesimal system include measuring angles, geographic coordinates, electronic navigation, and time. One hour of time is divided into 60 minutes, and one minute is divided into 60 seconds.

How do you calculate base 62?

To convert into base62, the process is repeated as: divide the number by 62, get the remainder, concatenate the result by the indexed character in the table until the number becomes zero.

How to convert base 2 to base 10?

Base 2 to Base 10 Conversion Table Base 2 Base 10 11000 24 11001 25 11010 26 11011 27

How are base numbers represented in Base Converter?

Enter a base number value into the converter below and select the base numbers to convert between. In base 36 number system, numbers are represented using digits (0-9) and basic latin alphabet letters (from “A” to “Z” = 26 letters). In the converter, the input base number must have only digits [0-9] and letters [A-Z].

What does the first digit in base 10 mean?

In base 10, each digit in a number represents the number of copies of that power of 10. That is, the first digit tells you how many ones you have; the second tells you how many 10s you have; the third tells you how many 10×10 you have; the fourth tells you how many 10x10x10 you have; and so on.

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