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How do you beat the Terror Walker in Force Unleashed 2?

How do you beat the Terror Walker in Force Unleashed 2?

Situated around it are four power cores that need to be deactivated. To do so, use your force grip (the game tells you to any ways) and lift them out of the floor. Once all four are removed, the Terror Walker’s shields will go down.

Does Starkiller use two lightsabers?

After progressing far through a series of trials, Starkiller received his red-bladed lightsabers from his Master and creator, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, in 1 BBY. While traveling throughout the galaxy in an attempt to locate Eclipse, Starkiller had numerous occasions to use his dual-lightsabers in combat.

What saber form did Starkiller use?

One thing I’m sure of is that Starkiller was a master of the fighting style Dun Möch. By using taunts and psychological warfare to distract an enemy. For defense, he was also able to use Soresu, which he learned on his own. He also fought using Juyo and a variant of Form V called “Sith Shien”.

Who holds their lightsaber backwards?

Ahsoka Tano was an advanced practitioner of Shien. Form VI: Shien, also known as “the way of the Acklay” or “the reverse form”, was a unique form of lightsaber combat where the users would hold their lightsabers in reverse grip.

Where to kill Storm Troopers in Star Wars Force Unleashed 2?

Stand near the lightning tower so the storm troopers will come towards you. If the Terror giants and AT-MPs are bothering you, then kill them. When the storm troopers are near the tower, Force lightning it over and over until all of them are dead. If the achievement doesn’t unlock because you don’t have enough kills, kill yourself and do it again.

When did Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 come out?

Do you like this video? Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the follow up to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and was announced at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards on December 12, 2009.

What happens to Tarko in Star Wars Force Unleashed 2?

After Starkiller fails to give the codes, Tarko orders the troopers to attack him. Starkiller easily kills the troopers, yet Tarko flees back to the immediate safety of the city. Starkiller proceeds to enter the city after destroying an AT-MP and two Imperial Sith Acolytes.

What are the codes for the Force Unleashed?

Then, enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding bonus: Enter ” LIBO ” as a code to unlock the Dark Green Lightsaber Crystal (Healing). Enter ” SOLARI ” as a code to unlock the White Lightsaber Crystal (Wisdom), which grants more Force Points for enemy kills. Enter ” MAREK ” as a code to unlock Force Repulse.