How do I sync Mendeley with Google Drive?

How do I sync Mendeley with Google Drive?


  1. Download Google Drive (if not already on your computer)
  2. Choose folders for Selective Sync (if you don’t want your entire Google Drive stored on your computer)
  3. Create a folder named something like “Mendeley Library” where your library and article PDFs will be stored.

How do I use Mendeley on Google Docs?

Google Docs:

  1. Mendeley does not support Google Docs and you cannot use Mendeley to insert formatted in-text citations into Google Docs. You can, however, create a bibliography using the Mendeley Desktop by either:
  2. Highlighting a reference in Mendeley, then dragging & dropping it to Google Docs.
  3. Copying and pasting.

Can Mendeley find PDFs?

Simply drop PDFs into the folder and Mendeley will import them automatically for you. Select the ‘Watch Folder’ option from the add files dropdown menu on the main toolbar and browse to the folder containing the documents you’re interested in.

Is Mendeley free to use?

Mendeley is a free citation and paper management tool up with up to 2 GB of cloud storage. Mendeley has a desktop application, mobile app, and Chrome browser extension, making it easy to use across multiple devices.

Is Mendeley safe?

Mendeley Data is a secure cloud-based repository where researchers can store data, ensuring it is easy to share, access and cite, wherever they are. Research data is published with a Force11 compliant citation; it is backed up by DANS (Data Archiving Networking Services) to ensure that it is safely archived.

What is Mendeley and what does it do for You?

Mendeley is a reference manager (and PDF organization tool for your hard drive) that serves as a bridge between your literature searches and finished papers. With Mendeley you can manage citations and PDFs, insert citations to a Word document, and create a bibliography. Mendeley also has many helpful features for citing in LaTeX.

Can you use Mendeley as a reference manager?

If you’re still fumbling about trying to manage citations and references manually (or with Word’s terrible reference manager), please stop now. In this video, we’ll show you how to use Mendeley to optimise your citation management and referencing.

How are citation keys generated in Mendeley desktop?

Mendeley Desktop creates a BibTeX file for your entire library, for each group or per document. The BibTeX file(s) are updated each time you make a change to your personal library in Mendeley Desktop. The citation keys are automatically generated in the format [AuthorYear].

How do I set up Mendeley on my computer?

We walk you through the basics of downloading, installing and getting Mendeley set up on your computer. We show you how to add your existing literature to Mendeley so that its ready for use in your documents.