How do I set up a scan to a folder on my Canon printer?

How do I set up a scan to a folder on my Canon printer?

Creating a Shared Folder

  1. Check for the computer name.
  2. Right-click a blank area on the desktop → click [New] → [Folder] to create a new folder → enter ‘PDF-Scan’ as the folder name.
  3. Select [Share this folder].
  4. Select [Everyone] → check that [Allow] for [Change] is selected → click [OK].

Can Canon Pixma scan documents?

The Canon Pixma MG5220 printer has the ability to scan documents to your computer. Before you try any scanning though, you have to have the proper software installed and know the steps. Select the “Scan” button when ready. The Pixma 5220 should start the scanning process.

How do I scan to a folder?

Advanced Mode

  1. Load your document.
  2. Click the Scan tab.
  3. Click File.
  4. The Scan Settings dialog box appears. You can configure the scan settings in this dialog box. If you want to preview and configure the scanned image, check PreScan box.
  5. Click Scan. The image will be saved in the folder you have chosen.

How do I scan using a Canon Pixma printer?

For Android™

  1. Set the original file on the platen glass or feeder.
  2. Press [Scan] and select , then press [OK]
  3. In the Canon PRINT Business app home screen, tap [Scan]
  4. In the [Scan] screen, configure the scan settings required.
  5. Tap [Scan] to begin scanning and tap [Done] to finish.

Where is the scan folder on a canon?

the typical setup of a ‘scan’ folder shared on the server with domain users full permission, under that there’s a folder for each user. there’s a “scan” user account on the domain that’s being used to configure the accounts on the canon.

How to scan to network folder on a canon ir5070?

Track users’ IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need. under file path just enter the folder name or path, so either “scans\\bobby” or “scans” if just going to the root of scan. for user you can either use domain\sername or just username.

How to scan multiple pages of Canon documents?

How to Scan Multiple Pages in Canon 1 If there are additional pages of documents to be scanned, place the next document on the platen glass, and click [Next]. 2 Click [Finish]. See More….

How are Canon documents saved on a computer?

The scanned documents are saved to the computer. You can scan using MF Toolbox (included with the machine), or with other applications such as an image-processing or word-processing application. You can operate a smartphone or tablet to scan an original placed on the machine. For more information on this function, see the Canon website.