How do I log into reference USA?

How do I log into reference USA?

You can access Reference USA by following these steps:

  1. Select A-Z Database List on the library homepage. under “Quick Links”
  2. Choose “R” from the alphabet.
  3. Find Reference USA on the list of databases available there.

Is reference USA free?

Free Databases- ReferenceUSA- A premier source for business and residential research. This database is a premier source of business and residential information for reference and research. Business and consumer databases are continuously updated from more than 5,000 public sources.

What is reference USA?

Reference Solutions (formerly Reference USA) is a business directory that collects information on every open, active business in the United States.

How accurate is Reference USA?

Reference USA is highly accurate as they draw from and share data with Google.

How much does Reference USA cost?

If you’re asking, “How much does Reference Solutions/Reference USA cost?” I have the best answer. It’s free. If you’re wondering where to find it, about 85% of US public libraries subscribe to the database. They offer free access to anyone who has a library card.

How much does reference USA cost?

Where does reference USA get its information?

ReferenceUSA culls its information from the US White page telephone directories, the U.S. Census Bureau, and from publicly filed records.

Did Reference USA change its name?

Business reference and research tool, Reference USA, and its parent organization, Info Group, have undergone a name change. Infogroup has announced that they’ve officially become Data Axle, and ReferenceUSA has become Reference Solutions.

Where does Reference USA get their data?

ReferenceUSA draws not only from the White Pages, but from a consumer lifestyles database which also captures addresses and phone number numbers. If you look at their White Pages vs. Consumer Lifestyles database, you will notice 160 million and 317 million records, respectively.

What is Reference USA now called?

How accurate is reference USA?