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How do I get around YouTube blocked at work?

How do I get around YouTube blocked at work?

Open YouTube when Blocked in Office

  1. Check if YouTube is up or not.
  2. Check host file.
  3. Open YouTube using IP.
  4. Use proxy.
  5. Use Google Public DNS or Open DNS.
  6. Use a Proxy Extension to unblock YouTube in office.
  7. Use the mobile version of YouTube.
  8. Use TOR Browser.

How can I watch YouTube when it is blocked by administrator?

1. Use a VPN to Access YouTube When It’s Blocked. Using a VPN, or virtual private network, is the easiest and most secure way to unblock YouTube. VPNs are a great option for online security, anonymity, and unblocking content that has been restricted by firewalls, censorship, or geoblocking technology.

Can I block YouTube during the day?

If you want to block the YouTube app, tap MANAGE. You’ll set the length by tapping Length and entering the number of hours you want to stay away from the app, and then tap Start Session. Start Later allows you to choose the start and end time and add it as a once-off blocking session to your schedule.

How do I get around blocked sites at work?

How to Bypass Blocked Sites

  1. Use a VPN. The most popular way of accessing blocked internet sites is to use a high-quality paid Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  2. Use a Smart DNS.
  3. Use a Free Proxy.
  4. Use a Site’s IP Address.
  5. Use Tor.

How do I unblock a blocked site by Administrator Chrome?

Go to Internet Options in Control Panel and on the Security tab, click on Restricted Websites in the Internet Security Zone, and then on the button labeled “Sites” (See image below). Check if the URL of the website you wish to access is listed there. If yes, select the URL and click Remove.

Is there a way to block YouTube?

How To Block YouTube on Your Computer With a Browser Extension

  1. Open YouTube on your browser.
  2. Now, click on the extensions icon on the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Click on the “Block Site” extension.
  4. Click on the “Block this site” button. That’s it. YouTube is now blocked on this browser.

How do I unblock someone on YouTube 2020?

To unblock a user, click the box to the left of that user’s name in the Blocked Users list, click the drop-down arrow and then click “Unblock.”

What to do when you are blocked from YouTube in office?

So, if you are in a YouTube-restricted zone, then here’s some relief. You can still to open YouTube when blocked in office, school or college and watch your favorite YouTube videos by bypassing the restriction, with the help of the below-listed solutions.

How can I tell if YouTube is blocked by network administrators?

If your ping gets a response, then it confirms that the site is up, and you can be sure that YouTube is working just fine. However, if YouTube is indeed blocked by network administrators, the response to your ping would show “Request Timed Out”. That means you cannot even confirm whether or not the site is up through the command prompt.

What happens if you get banned from YouTube?

Besides being a mode of entertainment and information, YouTube is also a lucrative platform for Creators. However, since YouTube is banned in some countries, people tend to lose out on entertainment, information and a potential source of income. So, if you are in a YouTube-restricted zone, then here’s some relief.

How can I bypass restrictions on using YouTube?

You can easily bypass all restrictions blocking you from using youtube by using a proxy. If this is the first time you have heard this word being associated with technology, then here’s the deal. The proxy or the proxy server hides your IP and makes use of another one, which lets you get your foot into the door.