How do I fix ODBC connection failed in Excel?

How do I fix ODBC connection failed in Excel?

How To Fix Access Runtime Error 3151- ODBC Connection To Failed?

  1. Open your Access Database and go to the File menu, tap to the Get external data, and then Link tables options.
  2. Now from the File Types list, choose the ODBC database.
  3. Hit the Machine Data Source option.
  4. Tap to the New option.

How do I install ODBC drivers for Excel?

Navigate to the System DSN tab and click Add to open the Create New Data Source dialog box. Select Microsoft Excel Driver as the driver for which you want to set up the data source. Click Finish to open the ODBC Microsoft Excel Setup dialog box. The ODBC Microsoft Setup dialog box is shown in Figure 5-1.

How do I use ODBC in Excel?

In Excel, go to the Data tab. Click From Other Sources, and then click From Data Connection Wizard. In the opened dialog, select ODBC DSN and click Next to continue. Now select a data source you want to connect to, and click Next.

How do you fix ODBC?


  1. Solution.
  2. Select ‘Administrative Tools’ > ‘Data Sources (ODBC)’.
  3. Click on the ‘Repair’ button.
  4. Click on ‘OK’ button.
  5. The following message will appear upon successful repair.
  6. The database is repaired and the report should be able to be opened with the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation now.

How do I install Microsoft Excel drivers?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Download the 32bit Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016.
  3. Once downloaded locate the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe.
  4. Open up an elevated command prompt and execute the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe in “/passive” mode.
  5. Navigate through the install prompts.

How do I check my Excel driver version?

64-bit ACE Components

  1. Navigate to Start, and enter C:\Windows\System32\odbcad32.exe into the Search programs and files field.
  2. When the ODBC Administrator opens, click the Drivers tab and look for Microsoft Excel Driver or Microsoft Access Driver.
  3. Check the version number.

How do I refresh ODBC in Excel?

Refresh a query in a worksheet In Excel, select a cell in a query in a worksheet, select the Query tab in the ribbon, and then select Refresh > Refresh.

Why is my ODBC driver for Excel 2013 missing?

The error message there says the file is corrupted and can’t be accessed and it happens after I’ve created the ODBC database and used it less than 10 times. I followed your instructions and found the 32-bit Office System driver in the SysWOW64 folder but the driver for Excel 2013 file (.xlsx) is also missing in there.

How to fix an Excel file that is not working?

1 Do one of the following: If you are running Windows 10, choose Start > All apps > Windows System > Run > type Excel /safe in the Run box, then 2 If the issue is resolved, click File > Options > Add-ins. 3 Select COM Add-ins, and click Go. 4 Clear all the check boxes in the list, and click OK. 5 Close and restart Excel.

What to do when Excel wont work in Windows 7?

If you are running Windows 7, click Start > type Excel /safe in Search programs and files, then click OK. If the issue is resolved, click File > Options > Add-ins. Select COM Add-ins, and click Go. Clear all the check boxes in the list, and click OK. Close and restart Excel.

Why does excel keep crashing on my computer?

Excel files can exist on the computer for a long time. They are upgraded from version to version, and frequently travel from one user to another user. Frequently, a user inherits an Excel file but doesn’t know what is included in the file. The following things can cause performance or crashing issues: