How do I activate my McGraw Hill Connect?

How do I activate my McGraw Hill Connect?

Go to https://connectED.mcgraw-hill.com.Click Create a New Account.Click Register under Teacher section.Enter name.Enter one of your 16-digit Master Codes.Enter your personal school email address.Create a challenge question and answer.Click Next.Enter your school’s zip code.

How do students log into wonders?

Once you’re on the login page, touch the share button in the top corner, and select “add to home screen.” Once you add it, the Wonders login will appear on the iPads like an app icon. They’ll just click it, login, and get to work!

How do I access StudySync?

Download the StudySync mobile app to your desired device by visiting the App Store. Next, retrieve the StudySync App Key from your student account. Now, connect the mobile app on your device to your StudySync student account. Once the app is installed and your student account is set up on a given device, you only need to.

How do I submit an assignment on StudySync?

Click the Assign button for any lesson type. Create a StudySync Assignment from the Library Edit an Assignment From the Assignments tab, click the actions wheel next to the assignment name and select Edit Assignment. After making the edits, click “Update” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

How can a student Unsubmit an assignment on StudySync?

Remove a Student From an Assignment Click REPORT next to the appropriate assignment ● Click REMOVE for the student you wish to remove from the assignment Note: You will not be able to remove a student if they have already submitted work.

How do I add students to StudySync?

StudySync – Add Students to a ClassSelect Manage & Assign at the top of the page.Select My Classes.Select Add Students at the bottom right.Enter the name or connectED username of the student you wish to add and click the Search button.Check the box next to the student’s name.Click the Save button to add the selected student(s) to your class.

How do I use study sync?

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What is a blast in StudySync?

StudySync Blasts are made for the moment, with student responses going live to one another in real-time. They also spark live discussion with high-interest, current event topics. Thus, they may be ideal to use as short, high-engagement activities to make the most of the precious synchronous time you have with students.

What is a StudySync APP key?

After downloading the app from their mobile provider’s app store, students enter a StudySync Mobile App Key. This Key is easily located in the student’s profile by logging in through ConnectED via a browser, as shown above, and clicking on Profile in the drop down menu next to their name.

How can students and teachers build a useful virtual classroom community?

5 Virtual Ways to Build a Classroom CommunityReach-out and Check-In with Students and Parents. First and foremost, reach out to your families and check-in with them. Host Social Gatherings for Students to Interact with Each Other. Arrange a Virtual Spirit Week. Include Parents in Learning/ Teaching Experiences. Include Opportunities for Asynchronous Participation.

How much does Studysync cost?

Robert: A teacher can have up to 90 student logins with full access for an entire year for $175. That’s our introductory price. Entire school use, as in every classroom and every student, ranges from $1,500 – $3,500 per year, depending on the size of the school –roughly $2/student/year.