How did they save Clint Malarchuk?

How did they save Clint Malarchuk?

It took Buffalo trainer Jim Pizzutelli, a former combat engineer in the Vietnam War, just 14 seconds to get to Malarchuk and begin applying pressure to the severed jugular, to keep as much blood in his body as possible. Malarchuk was put on a stretcher.

Where is Richard Zednik now?

According to the team’s official website (which I had to have translated), Zednik is now a former member of the Florida Panthers as he has signed a contract with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl of the KHL in Russia. In two seasons with the Panthers, Zednik played in 124 games, scoring 32 goals with 27 goals.

What does Clint Malarchuk do now?

Now 58, Malarchuk, who lives with his wife, Joanie, on a ranch in Gardnerville, Nev., is part of a growing group of athletes detailing their struggles to maintain their mental and emotional health even as they excel in competition.

What happened to Clint Malarchuk?

Malarchuk is known for surviving a life-threatening injury during a 1989 NHL game when a player’s skate made contact with his neck, slicing his carotid artery and partially slicing his jugular vein, causing immediate massive blood loss….

Clint Malarchuk
Playing career 1981–1996

Who was the hockey player that got his throat cut?

Richard Zednik’s throat cut In a February 10, 2008 game between the Florida Panthers and the Buffalo Sabres, Olli Jokinen was knocked down by Clarke MacArthur and as he fell to the ice his skate came up and cut teammate Richard Zednik’s throat cutting his carotid artery and just missing his jugular vein.

Can a throat injury happen in ice hockey?

One often overlooked area of an athlete’s body that needs protection from potentially life-threatening injury is the throat, particularly in ice hockey and lacrosse, both of which are played with sticks and high-speed projectiles (pucks/balls) that can come in contact with a player’s throat.

What are some of the worst hockey injuries?

13 Awful Hockey Injuries. 1 1. Clint Malarchuk’s Jugular Cut Open. 2 2. Marc Staal Takes a Puck to the Eye. 3 3. Nicklas Lidstrom’s “Speared” Testicle. 4 4. Richard Zednik’s Throat Gets Cut. 5 5. Eddie Shore’s Insane Ear Injury.

How to prevent throat injuries in contact sports?

Essential piece of safety equipment. The first step in reducing throat injuries in high contact sports is to be pro-active and make sure your child wears a throat protector. The earlier youth athletes begin to wear these devices, the more comfortable they will be wearing them as they move up the competitive ladder,…