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How can I play Rocksmith without real tone?

How can I play Rocksmith without real tone?

If you don’t have an electric guitar or simply want to use an acoustic to play Rocksmith, now you can! Use a USB microphone as your input device, point it at your acoustic guitar or bass, and enjoy strumming and picking in Rocksmith without a Real Tone Cable.

Is the Rocksmith cable universal?

The Rocksmith Real Tone Cable is a unique 1/4″-to-USB cable that enables Rocksmith to detect and respond to your electric guitar or bass. This cable is compatible with all versions of Rocksmith on all available platforms.

How do you connect acoustic guitar to Rocksmith?

From Rocksmith’s menu, find your way to input settings and switch it to “Microphone Mode” The intended purpose of this mode is to allow you to connect an acoustic guitar to Rocksmith, but it’ll recognize your audio interface as well. Select your audio interface and you’re done.

What are the settings for rocksmith.ini file?

Rocksmith INI File Details There are two major sections to the Rocksmith.INI file. The first controls the audio settings of Rocksmith: EnableMicrophone [default: 0] – Set this value to 1 to enable the use of voice microphone. This is duplicated in the Rocksmith menus.

What should the audio format be on Rocksmith?

If you have more than one Rocksmith Real Tone cable, you’ll want to repeat this procedure for both cables. Select the device and then click the “Properties” button. In that dialog, select the “Advanced” tab. Here’s what that dialog should look like: In that dialog, set the audio format to 1 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz.

Is there a plug and play cable for Rocksmith?

If you’re going to be playing Rocksmith frequently, expect to constantly replace your cable because of how easily they break. You would think that guitar to USB cable would be a simple plug and play solution. Nope. At least not with the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable.