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Does outbreak have an Easter egg song?

Does outbreak have an Easter egg song?

If all three match properly, gamers can then return to the original radio for their reward. An instrumental version of a random Zombies easter egg song will then play, and once it is finished, players can pick up the tape on the floor to add it to the main menu’s music player.

Is there an Easter egg on Cold War zombies?

Cold War Mauer Der Toten Easter egg guide: Turn on the power Make sure your whole squad is opening doors and getting down to the basement as fast as possible, and don’t get hit by the train! It’ll zoom past and mash you into paste if you’re not careful.

How many amps are in an outbreak?

three amplifiers
There are three amplifiers nearby that you’ll now need to tune to the same frequency. Keep an eye out for more zombies, and head to each one to tune them to match the radio static.

What happens if you miss a red portal outbreak?

If you miss any of the portals, they will despawn, and you will need to go to the next round to start the process again. When you reach that final portal, you will be launched into the air one last time.

How do you get Orda to spawn an outbreak?

The giant zombie Orda spawns after Round 2 on all Outbreak maps. It will randomly appear on the map, and begin roaming around freely. It will not attack you if you stay away from it. It only attacks if you provoke it by getting too close or by shooting it.

Is there an Easter egg for ascension?

Many Call of Duty zombie levels feature Easter eggs. The remastered version of Ascension still contains its Easter egg mission. You must have four players in the game to complete this Easter egg. You cannot complete it while playing solo.

How do you skip a round in outbreak?

Skipping a round in Outbreak is very simple but will make the round you go to more challenging than before. While you cannot skip round one, you can instantly skip the second by completing the main objective in round one and going to the beacon and selecting Warp, which traditionally would move you forward one level.

Where are the Easter eggs in Cold War outbreak?

For the final Cold War Outbreak Easter Egg launch key, head to silo B and go down to the bottom floor. Look for a red canister called Aetherium Harvesting Unit and interact with it. Then, you’ll want to run around silo B while collecting purple crystals. These can be found along the walls, so shoot them and collect the crystals that drop.

Where are all the Easter eggs in zombies outbreak?

1 Alpine: Inside Southern-most building, on the shelf. To the West of that one, South of the bathhouse, upstairs by the boxes. 2 Duga: In the Northern red bunker to the North, on the barrels. 3 Golova: In the train loading area to the West, in the main square building. 4 Sanatorium: Under the East bridge, behind the left pillar.

Where are all the Easter eggs in Black Ops?

Their locations are: 1 Alpine: In the big Western building, upstairs to the right. 2 Duga: The admin offices to the South, upstairs on a table. 3 Golova: The armor building South-East of the main town, in a corner room. 4 Sanatorium: The big rectangular building to the North, on a large table.