Does jerma still like TF2?

Does jerma still like TF2?

Ever since Jerma moved to Twitch as his primary internet platform, he has confirmed to have pretty much dropped making TF2 content, having little interest in playing the game anymore. However, he does value all the memories and still loves the game, even keeping it in his list of favorite games of all time.

What is TF2 cratering?

Acronym for “control point”. Cratering. Dying from fall damage, either by falling a great distance or being accelerated into the ground by an explosive. Crit. Short for “critical hit”.

How do you change the resistance on a vaccinator?

The player can cycle through bullet, explosive, and fire resistances by pressing the reload button (default key: R) and an appropriate icon will appear over the ÜberCharge meter. In addition, a clacking sound cue is played every time the resistance is switched as an auditory feedback signal to the player.

What does RNG mean in TF2?

by Advertorial – Paid Placement on March 4, 2019. Despite having been a key component in gaming for decades, the concept of Random Number Generation, or RNG, is one which is often overlooked.

Who invented Trolldier?

Captain Trolldier

Captain Trolldier
Creator Blastertronus
Creation 5/2619
Debut Pending

What does Pub mean tf2?

A pub or public server is a server that has no password, so everyone can join it. This includes Valve servers.

How do you counter a vaccinator?

I have used the vaccinator quite a lot, and here three best counters for it.

  1. The vaccinator cannot block melee damage or melee crits like axtinguishers and demoknights.
  2. Be a medic yourself and outperform the vaccinator medic by using stock or the quick fix.
  3. Ambush as pyro when others are engaging.

What does the solemn vow do tf2?

The Solemn Vow is a melee weapon for the Medic. Having this weapon in the loadout allows the player to view enemy health, names, and ÜberCharge percentages (in the same manner as the Spy), providing strategic information that could aid the team, although it cannot see through an enemy Spy’s Disguise.

How many players are playing tf2?

Team Fortress 2

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
December 2020 82,423.5 146,887
November 2020 70,304.8 101,610
October 2020 73,594.1 130,548
September 2020 68,866.2 86,576