Does Clary get pregnant in the Mortal Instruments?

Does Clary get pregnant in the Mortal Instruments?

Dr. Rouse will force Clary to be impregnated by a demon, to give birth to a warlock — a dying breed. Dr. Rouse has an elixir that makes it possible for Shadowhunters to get pregnant by demons, and Clary realizes that Dr.

Why did Jace and Clary break up?

Jace, despite his initial “to love, is to destroy” outlook, began to fall for her. After the pair went on a mission together, and Clary thought that she had killed Jace, she realized her feelings for him. Simon broke up with her, and Clary distanced herself from Jace.

Did Jace and Clary get married?

The relationship between the Shadowhunters Clary and Jace began in 2007. The couple run the New York Institute together and are currently engaged. As heroes of the Mortal and the Dark wars, their love story became famous among other Shadowhunters.

Does Clary remember Jace?

Clary remembers Jace, even if she isn’t sure how.

What did Jace say to Clarissa in city of bones?

“Out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw Jace shoot her a look of white rage – but when she glanced at him, he looked as he always did: easy, confident, slightly bored. “In future, Clarissa,” he said, “it might be wise to mention that you already have a man in your bed, to avoid such tedious situations.”

What’s the problem with Cassandra Clare’s City of bones?

Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Not the book you’re looking for? “Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?’

What was the scene with Clary and Jace?

Clary stretched her body out, trying to line herself up with him, and saw his eyes darken as he watched her. Her wet underclothes clung to her body as Jace’s clung to his. She let her eyes roam over him, taking in what was familiar and what wasn’t: the flare of his shoulders, the curve of his waist, the scars on his skin … her gaze dipped lower …

Who was the girl in city of bones?

“Surely you’ve seen girls before, Alec. Your sister Isabelle is one.” “Don’t.” Clary raised a warning hand. “I’m not really in the mood right now.” “That’s got to be the first time a girl’s ever said that to me,” Jace mused.” “Just because you call an electric eel a rubber duck doesn’t make it a rubber duck, does it?