Did Daphne Joy marry 50 Cent?

Did Daphne Joy marry 50 Cent?

Daphne Joy (born 8 January 1987) is a Filipino fashion model, entrepreneur, and actress. She is the wife of Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent.

What does Daphne Joy do?

Daphne Joy/Professions

This popular Hollywood personality’s full name is Daphne Joy Cervantes Narvaez. People know her as an actress, a fashion designer, a swimsuit and lingerie model, and a television personality.

What happened between 50 Cent and Daphne Joy?

50 and Joy reportedly started dating in 2011, and welcomed their first and only child together—a baby boy named Sire—in 2012. About a year after the birth, 50 was charged with domestic violence after he allegedly ransacked Joy’s bedroom and kicked her during an argument.

Who cut Cuban Link’s face?

Fat Joe vs. Cuban Link, who had become embroiled in a beef with Fat Joe following Big Pun’s death, alleges that Joe set him up to be slashed, resulting in two permanent scars on the rapper’s face.

Why did Cuban Link get his face cut?

Back in 2003, Cuban Link alleged that he sustained a knife laceration to face due to attempting to break up a fight between Fat Joe and rapper Sunkiss.

Why did 50 break up with Daphne?

Who is the mother of 50 Cent youngest son?

50 Cent reacted to a photo of Diddy holding hands with his ex Daphne Joy, the mother of his 8-year-old son.

Is Tekashi 69 50 cents son?

Rapper 50 Cent has publicly reacted to 6ix9ine’s arrest by taunting him and referring to him as his ‘son’. The 22-year-old Brooklyn rapper has referred to 50 Cent as his father, while 50 Cent – real name Curtis James Jackson III – has called 6ix9ine his son.

When did 50 Cent and Daphne Joy break up?

Back in 2012, 50 Cent and Joy, who share son Sire, split. Even after calling it off, their relationship proved troubled as he pleaded guilty to vandalism charges in 2013 for kicking down a bedroom door at her Los Angeles home.

Who is 50 cent holding hands with now?

The rapper reposted a pic of Diddy strolling with his ex. 50 Cent reacted to a photo of Diddy holding hands with his ex Daphne Joy, the mother of his 8-year-old son.

How are 50 Cent and his baby mama?

50 Cent and Daphne have a great relationship, despite experiencing drama while dating. In fact, they’ve thrown Sire birthday parties together in the past and the rapper still thinks his baby mama is sexy. “Sire’s 5th birthday party, little man just wanted to stay with me.

Who is Daphne Joy married to in real life?

People who are interested in the life of this stunning woman often ask “Is Daphne Joy married?”. Currently, she is not married to anyone, but she has had a fair share of dating experiences in her life, one of which even resulted in giving birth to her only son.