Did Cox media get hacked?

Did Cox media get hacked?

Cox Media Group reportedly suffered from a ransomware attack Thursday morning that took radio and TV station streams offline. According to multiple reports, computers were hacked, impacting internal networks and other operations. A 2019 attack on Urban One cost the company more than $1 million.

Who is the owner of Cox Media Group?

Cox Enterprises
Apollo Global Management
Cox Media Group/Parent organizations

How many employees does Cox Media Group have?

55,000 employees
Cox Enterprises, Inc. is a privately held global conglomerate headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, with approximately 55,000 employees and $21 billion in total revenue.

Does Cox Media Group own Fox?

About Cox Media Group Cox Media Group’s portfolio includes primary affiliates of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and MyNetworkTV, as well as several valuable independent stations.

How many TV stations does Cox own?

Cox Media Group owns, operates or provides sales and marketing services to 57 stations in 20 markets. This radio portfolio includes 15 AM stations and 71 FM stations.

What companies are owned by Cox?

Media conglomerate Cox Enterprises consists of Cox Communications (cable, broadband), Cox Media Group (newspapers, TV, radio stations) and Cox Automotive (Manheim car auctions, AutoTrader.com). Brands include Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, Manheim, Savings.com and Valpak.

How much is Cox Media Group worth?

Fox Corporation (FOX): $15.4 Billion Fox was previously a powerhouse in the media business. Its $15.4 billion market cap is now a fraction of what it used to be. In 2017, it sold its entertainment business to Disney for $71 billion.

Does Cox own TV stations?

The company primarily owns radio and television stations—many of which are located in the South, Pacific Northwest, Eastern Midwest, and Northeast, and the regional cable news network Pittsburgh Cable News Channel (PCNC).

What are Cox Newspapers?

COX Newspapers, LLC publishes daily and weekly newspapers. The company also involves in direct mail; classified advertising publications and newsletters; and newsprint manufacturing business.

What is the Cox Media Group?

Cox Media Group, Inc. (CMG) is an Atlanta-based media conglomerate owned by Cox Enterprises. The company primarily owns radio and television stations, as well as four daily newspapers.

What is Cox Radio?

Cox Radio, Inc., is a leading U.S. radio company that owns or operates 80 stations in 18 markets from New York to Hawaii, most of which are located in the southern half of the country. The firm also syndicates radio programs such as those hosted by commentator Neal Boortz and consumer advocate Clark Howard .