Can you use HOP card for Waiheke ferry?

Can you use HOP card for Waiheke ferry?

Waiheke. Fullers360 accept the AT HOP card for travel. See travel conditions for Fullers360 ferry services. For additional fare options and cash fares visit the Fullers360 website.

How do I check the balance on my hop card NZ?

How to view your balance and check transaction history online

  1. Register your AT HOP Card to your MyAT HOP account to view your transactions online.
  2. Log in to your MyAT account and click on “MyAT HOP cards” to view your card balances.

Does my AT HOP card expire?

Your AT HOP card will expire, and the HOP money will be forfeit if the card has not been used for a continuous period of six years.

What happens if you don’t have enough money on your hop card?

If you forget to tag on or tag off you will be charged the default fare for failure to tag on or tag off, which will be automatically deducted the next time you tag on. If this default fare puts your HOP money balance below $0, you will be unable to tag on until you load additional HOP money onto your AT HOP card.

How long does the ferry from Auckland to Waiheke take?

Where is it? Located in the Hauraki Gulf, Waiheke Island is approximately a 40-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland.

How do I check the balance on my hop card?

You can check your Hop card balance or check the time remaining on your ticket or pass on the Hop website, using the Hop app or by phone at 1-844-MYHOPCARD (694-6722).

How do I transfer AT HOP balance?

How to transfer the balance from one card to another online

  1. Log in to your MyAT account.
  2. Click “MyAT HOP cards” and select the cancelled card you wish to transfer funds from.
  3. Click on the “Transfer balance”.
  4. Select the receiving card or register a new card.
  5. Click “Request Transfer” to review the request details.

Can I get my money back from HOP card?

We don’t offer refunds on Hop cards or the passes loaded onto them, so you should buy only the passes you need.

How do I transfer at Hop balance?

What happens if you forget to tag off bus?

How does it happen? When you tag on at the beginning of your journey your card is charged the full set fare for the route. And if you travel the full four stages and forget to tag off, you’re charged the correct fare but the system doesn’t know where you got off and records the tag off as “missing”.

Can you travel on Waiheke with a gold at HOP card?

With a Gold AT HOP you can travel on SeaLink Waiheke Island services for free*, as long as you are not the driver of a vehicle. If you don’t have a Gold AT HOP card, are travelling prior to 9am weekdays, or if you’re the driver of a vehicle, then our senior fares apply.

How to get to Waiheke Island from Auckland?

Buses on the island are run by AT (Auckland Transport), just as they are on the mainland. It is possible to purchase single fares using cash, but paying using a HOP card will provide you with a discount. All of the main roads across Waiheke are covered on the public bus network, making it a viable mode of transport.

Do you have to have a fullers card to go to Waiheke Island?

Auckland Transport Gold HOP cardholders, or blue HOP cardholders with the SuperGold or Auckland Transport Senior Citizen ID concession loaded on it can travel for free on selected Fullers360 ferry services from 9am weekdays, all day on weekends and public holidays. Check out our FAQ section for more info here.

When to apply for Waiheke senior travel card?

If you don’t have a Gold AT HOP card, are travelling prior to 9am weekdays, or if you’re the driver of a vehicle, then our senior fares apply. To check whether you’re eligible for a Gold AT HOP card and how to get one, go online to Auckland Transport (AT).