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Can you paint spinnerbait blades?

Can you paint spinnerbait blades?

Kenney says adding a clear coat or a thick coat of paint to spinnerbait blades will also cause the spinnerbait to ride higher in the water, which can require some adjustment.

What weight spinnerbait should I use?

SPINNERBAIT WEIGHT Most anglers favor 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-ounce baits. Sometimes one-ounce baits are called for. For fishing shallow, 1/4- to 3/8-ounce baits are best. Increase the weight of your bait the deeper you need to fish.

What is a spinner blade?

Willowleaf spinner blades are the opposite of Colorado blades. They are long and slender like a real willow leaf. These blades are intended to be trolled at relatively fast speeds. Relatively because spinners are not high speed lures.

How do you powder coat a spinner blade?

Once hot, quickly swish blade through light powder paint with side to side motion to cover the entire surface. Do not dip or push blade into powder paint. Remove blade immediately and tap off any excess powder. The blade should appear powdery and dry.

What are the two things that make the spinnerbait?

Those are two things: 1) that blades make the spinnerbait, and 2) spinnerbait blade, flash, vibration, spin and motion to understand first and foremost about a spinnerbait.

How big of a blade do I need for a spinnerbait?

I go from a No. 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 size blade, all the way up to a 4 in the front and a 6 or 7 in the back. And if I’m seeing a lot of big shad, I like waking a spinnerbait with one big Colorado blade. In semi-clear water that’s still pretty warm, I’ll use a spinnerbait with a combination of a Colorado and a willow leaf blade.

What’s the best type of spinner to use?

These are great all around blades as they rotate over an ideal speed range, offer great vibration and sufficient light and color flash. Deep Cup Colorado Blades are Colorado Blades with more surface area. This gives them greater lift and water resistance which allows them to rotate at speeds slower than standard Colorado Blades.

Are there any good spinnerbaits for bass fishing?

The spinnerbait remains one of bass fishing’s most well known lures, but has lost popularity over the years. Many anglers know the basics about spinnerbaits, but most don’t know what really makes one spinnerbait more effective than another.