Can you keep a hot tub in the winter?

Can you keep a hot tub in the winter?

Yes, you can absolutely use a hot tub in the wintertime. With the power on, water levels normal, and equipment working properly there’s no danger of your pipes freezing. Do ensure to not raise the temperature above 104° F and make sure to not soak longer than recommended times.

What temperature should a hot tub be set at in the winter?

Ideal Spa Temperature for Winter As far as what temperature your hot tub should be in the winter…that’s more a matter of preference. Many spa owners prefer to keep their spa temperature between 102°F and 104°F, though even 100°F is safe and comfortable for a healthy adult.

How cold is too cold for outdoor hot tub?

To answer your question, the minimum outdoor temperature of a hot tub is within the range of 78.8°F. The only time that many people might consider setting the temperature as low as 78 degrees would probably be in the summer when the hot tub is being used to cool off rather than stay warm.

How long can you sit in a hot tub?

Ideally, you should aim to time your hot tub sessions to last between 15 and 30 minutes. Depending on the factors at play (i.e. water temperature), you might be able to extend your soak to 45 minutes. Keep in mind that you can always re-enter your hot tub later on!

What is the lowest temperature you can keep a hot tub?

What temp should you leave your hot tub at?

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the water temperature of a hot tub is best between 100°F and 102°F.

How to use your hot tub in the winter?

If you do intend to use your spa in the winter, remember to inspect and clean it before the cold days, change your hot tub cover if you need a new one, frequently monitor your water level and chemistry and keep it clear from ice and snow at all time.

When to take the cover off your hot tub?

You can tell when your cover is saturated with water when the spa cover becomes too heavy to take off your hot tub. And a water saturated cover will turn into a giant block of ice during winter. A quality hot tub cover will provide a good protection and will keep your heating costs down.

When to change the water in a hot tub?

Change Your Water Early. If your tub will be due for a scheduled water change during winter, it’s a good idea to shift it to earlier in the year. Changing water while the outside temperatures are low can be particularly challenging, as there’s a risk of water freezing and damaging your spa.

Why does my hot tub evaporate in the winter?

Cold, dry outdoor air can make your spa water evaporate more quickly than you may be accustomed to during warmer times of the year. If the water level falls below the skimmer level, it won’t be able to circulate and do its job to maintain that even water temperature in each nook and cranny of your hot tub.