Can you have two accounts on Plenty of Fish?

Can you have two accounts on Plenty of Fish?

Do not create multiple accounts on Plenty of Fish, unless permission has been granted by our Customer Support Service staff. Inclusive of this, do not attempt to use an account that isn’t yours.

Does plenty of fish deactivate inactive accounts?

Plenty of Fish does not have a published policy about when it deletes inactive accounts. So, if you don’t delete your account or put it on hold, your account may remain active indefinitely. If you want to keep your account private after your death, do not rely on Plenty of Fish to eventually delete your profile.

What happens to inactive POF accounts?

Inactive accounts eventually fall to the bottom of search results. In other words, if someone doesn’t come back to their profile within 30 days, after 30 days the profile drops to the bottom. People will not see it.

How do you know if your banned from POF?

Plenty of Fish has a zero-tolerance policy for any abuse whether it’s in your profile or a message reported by another member. If you’re found to be harassing, or disrespectful to other users, or you have content on your profile that is racist, violent, rude, or abusive, you will be deleted and banned.

Has POF account been hacked?

First up, Frind points out that the site has indeed been hacked last week in a “well planned and sophisticated attack”. Plentyoffish has already reset the passwords for all users and claims to have plugged the security hole that allowed the hackers to enter.

Why does my POF account keep getting deleted?

In the most literal sense – if you’re using Plenty of Fish to try and scam, spam, or impersonate someone else, your account will be deleted. This goes for creating multiple accounts as well, or trying to access or use an account that isn’t yours.

Why do profiles disappear on POF?

PlentyOfFish has access to advanced software as well as an active user base who help flag these inappropriate photos. When we find them (and we will, even if they are hidden), your profile will be deleted.

Why do I keep getting kicked off POF?

What can I do with an upgraded POF profile?

No ads, your experience will be Ad-free with your upgraded membership Check out who viewed your profile down to the date and time they viewed it POF offers 3 different payment plans for all users. Perhaps you’re looking for a short-term plan to test the waters – the best plan for you is the 3 month plan.

How to switch between accounts on Microsoft Teams?

How to switch between accounts on Microsoft Teams Sign into Teams Tap on the Menu key then navigate to Settings Choose add account If you signed into an existing account, tap the existing account Select account and sign in Switch between Microsoft Teams guest access accounts!

What happens when I switch from teams to browser?

The downside is that you’re constantly switching between Teams and your browser. You might also close your browser by mistake and have to start over. Instead of opening a new browser tab each time you need to access a different Teams tenant, you could start a universal channel from your primary Teams tenant.

Why is my POF account not sign in?

I paid for a 2 month subscription and now all of a sudden, i can not sign in, it is like they deleted my account, can’t even send for a password reset cause it doesn’t recognize my email or password, I had better not be charged for the next billing cycle, and by rights, POF should be refunding me for what time I have not been able to use!