Can you change Android boot animation?

Can you change Android boot animation?

Open the root browser (file manager) app, then locate your original boot animation file both in System and in Media. Long press the file and choose ‘Rename. ‘ Rename it to “bootanimation. Reboot your Android phone and to confirm that you have successfully switched your boot animation.

How do I enable boot animation?

#2 – Through Boot Animations (Root) App

  1. Like the first step in Method #1, download the custom boot animation you want.
  2. Grab the Boot animations root app here.
  3. Open the app then choose Backup/Restore through the menu options.
  4. Locate your custom boot animation file (in this case, ‘bootanimation.

How do I add sound to boot animation?

Adding sound to a boot animation is rather simple, involving the addition a file named audio. wav to the folder of the individual parts of a boot animation to have it play when the part starts playing. To have a sound effect played as part4 is initialized, you just have to add an audio.

How do I download a boot animation?


  1. Rename the downloaded boot animation file to bootanimation.
  2. Navigate to the root directory of your phone using a file manager of your choice.
  3. Go to system->media and back up your stock bootanimation.
  4. Now, copy/move the renamed downloaded boot animation file in this directory.

Where is the boot animation stored in Android?

/system/media folder
The boot animation and its configuration are contained in a ZIP file called bootanimation. zip that is located in the /system/media folder of the target root file system.

How do I get rid of custom boot animation?

You can delete /system/media/bootanimation. zip and the second boot animation would be gone. You need to root your phone to do that though.

How do I change the boot sound on my Android?

  1. Using your file manager browse to system > sounds > poweron.
  2. Rename the file PowerOn.mp3 to PowerOn.bak. *If you just want to disable the power on sound you can stop here.
  3. Browse to the location of the mp3 you want as your new boot sound.
  4. Rename it to PowerOn.mp3.
  5. Copy it to system > sounds > poweron.
  6. Reboot and enjoy.

How do I change the startup sound on my Samsung?

5 Answers. In System -> Sound and Display -> System volume you can set it, unfortunately the power on/off sound is also tied to the touch feedback sound (ie you press a button, hear a sound). If that’s not a problem, turn it all the way down and problem solved.. Try Silent Boot from the android market.