Can you cancel Mathway at any time?

Can you cancel Mathway at any time?

Mathway may cancel your subscription at any time upon notice to you. You may cancel your subscription at any time in the Billing section of your settings, located at www.mathway.com/settings.

How do I cancel my Mathway premium account?

To cancel your subscription purchased through the Mathway website, tap the icon (on website) or tap the icon (in app), select ‘Account’ > the Billing section, and select Cancel Subscription.

How do I delete my Mathway account?

If you wish to delete or deactivate your account, please contact us at www.mathway.com/contact, but note that we may retain certain information as required by law or for legitimate business purposes.

Did Mathway get hacked?

More than 25 million user records, belonging to popular math app Mathway, are being sold on the dark web. In an interview with ZDNet, the hacker said he had breached Mathway in January 2020 by accessing the company’s backend, dumping the database, and then removing access to avoid getting detected.

How do I deactivate my Match account?

Here’s our step by step guide to delete your account:Hover your mouse over your screen name displayed at the top right of any page when you are logged into the site and click ‘My account settings’At the bottom of this page you’ll see a link that says “To suspend or delete your account, click here”