Can I put a Telecaster neck on a Jazzmaster?

Can I put a Telecaster neck on a Jazzmaster?

A Jazzmaster neck would fit on a Tele body that’s got the strat rounded pocket.

How deep is a Jazzmaster neck pocket?

Body Thickness: 1 5/8″ Neck Pocket Depth: 5/8″ Pickup Cavity Depth: 3/8″ Rhythm Cavity Depth: 1″

Are Strat and Tele neck pockets the same?

Most guitar bodies and necks employ the Stratocaster shape, which is rounded at the end. However, bodies and necks from the Telecaster family use a heel that is squared. A Tele-shaped neck heel will not fit in a Strat-shaped pocket, because its squared corners prevent it from fully inserting into the rounded end.

What kind of neck does a Jazzmaster have?

Fender Jazzmaster
Neck Maple
Fretboard Rosewood Maple
Bridge “Floating” proprietary Vibrato

Will a Strat neck fit a Jazzmaster body?

Thanks! I’ve used a mighty mite strat neck on a warmoth jazzmaster body. it fit perfectly.

Do Strat necks fit jazzmasters?

A Strat neck should work on a Jazzmaster. I’ve used allparts Strat necks before. The only real danger you face is the heel of the neck not fitting the pocket properly.

What kind of pickups does a jazzmaster have?

The Jazzmaster pickup is a true single-coil pickup. From start to finish, these units are made of one coil of wire turned around the pole pieces, and in principle works just like those found on Fender’s more popular models, the Stratocaster and Telecaster.

How deep should the neck pocket be on a Telecaster?

Cat MacKinnon Friend of Leo’s. I hate to tell you this, but Fender neck pockets are supposed to be 5/8″ deep (about 16mm.) You’re at 3/4″ deep, which is too deep and you won’t be able to lower the saddles enough to get the action at a playable level.

How deep should a neck pocket be?

Most everyone makes neck pockets that are 5/8″ or . 625″ deep except Fender. They have made them in various depths and current Strats are not .

Do Strats and jazzmasters have the same neck?

Re: Are Jazzmaster and Strat necks the same? The heel and neck pocket are identical, so you can use the necks interchangeably.

What kind of pickups does a Jazzmaster have?