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Can I get my old iPod fixed?

Can I get my old iPod fixed?

The most common repairs for iPod Classics are a battery or hard drive replacement. These are the components that usually die first, but often they are the only pieces that need to be replaced to get an old iPod working like new. Most of the models are not too difficult to open except the 6th generation.

How do I get my iPod to unfreeze?

Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home button until the screen turns off. Then wait a few seconds for your device to restart. Still need help? Plug your iPod into power, then try again.

What causes an iPod to stop working?

Your iPod may just need a soft reset. This is the most common reason why your iPod isn’t turning on. Simply, hold down the power button and the home button at the same time. This will reset your iPod and should hopefully solve the problem.

Where can I get my iPod screen repaired?

Schedule an appointment and bring your iPod to a Best Buy store. Apple repairs and same-day iPhone screen replacement are available at all Best Buy stores. * Why have your repair done at Best Buy? We are an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Where can I get a Apple phone repaired?

Apple repairs and same-day iPhone screen replacement are available at all Best Buy stores.* Add AppleCare+ at the time of a repair. If you choose Geek Squad to repair your device, once it’s back to working order, you can add AppleCare+ and get protection for peace of mind.

When did the repair depot start repairing iPods?

The Repair Depot Team has been doing iPod repair since Apple Inc. introduced the original iPod in 2001. Our technicians go through rigorous training, involving shadowing expert technicians, working on test devices, and going through multiple layers of quality control, before ever touching your iPod.

What kind of problems can an iPod Touch have?

We repair iPod models from the original iPod to the iPod Touch for major problems like: cracked screen, damaged LCD, iPod won’t turn on, iPod won’t charge, damage from liquids, iPod crashing, failure of other iPod components Below you will see our listed iPod repairs available to be ordered online. Don’t See The Repair You Need?