Can a Non Equity audition for an Equity?

Can a Non Equity audition for an Equity?

Members of Actor’s Equity— the union for stage actors — can sign up for these auditions starting one week before they occur. Non-Equity actors are, in fact, more than welcome to attend Equity auditions.

Do you have to be Equity to audition for Broadway?

All Broadway shows, and most Broadway tours, are Equity. That means you need to be a member of the union to work on the show. It also means that at least once per year, every Broadway show is required to hold an Equity audition.

What is non Equity pay?

Non-Equity Incentive Compensation means any variable cash compensation that is issued under any Company plan or agreement and that is granted, earned or vested based wholly or partly on publicly reported financial information related to the Company or one or more of its subsidiaries.

What is an Equity actress?

Actor’s Equity Association, casually referred to as “AEA” or “Equity,” is a labor union representing theatre performers and stage managers. Other performing arts labor unions include SAG-AFTRA—representing performers in film and television, and AGVA—representing live theatre productions of the variety act kind.

How do I get my Equity card?

Apply for full Equity membership. Once you’re working under an Equity contract, you’ll be eligible to officially join the AEA. Complete an application and send it off for review, along with the one-time fee of $100. You’ll then be welcomed to the union and issued your very own Equity card.

How much does a non-Equity Actor make per week?

Non-union companies do not establish a mandatory minimum salary, but many strive to negotiate weekly stipends that are similar to the lowest tier for union actors. Thus, typical stipends range from ​$200 to $300​ a week.

Can a non Equity actor audition for equity?

Non-equity actors are able to audition for equity and non-equity productions, increasing their opportunities for work. You are also free to work for less money, if you desire.

What does it mean to be a non equity performer?

What is Non-Equity? Singers, dancers, and actors that do not belong to Equity are Non-Equity. Non-Equity performers cannot take advantage of any of the benefits offered to Equity members, such as health insurance, credit union membership, and a retirement plan.

When do non equity dancers get sent home?

About one hour before the audition is scheduled to begin, the monitor arrives. Once the holding room is open, the Unofficial List moves from the door to the monitor’s table. At this point, several things can happen. It may be announced that Non-Equity dancers will not be seen, and everyone gets sent home.

Do you need EMC card for equity auditions?

EMCs who sign up after the lunch break must sign up at the end of the non-equity list. Bring your EMC card. You’ll need it to sign up with the monitor on the official list. *THE EQUITY BUILDING IN NYC HAS CHANGED THEIR RULES in regards to how EMC members can sign up in the morning.