Are there any flights that have had turbulence?

Are there any flights that have had turbulence?

In early 2019, a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul experienced severe turbulencebefore landing in New York—more than 30 passengers needed to seek medical treatment. In 2017, a similar scene occurred on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Bangkok, while turbulence on a Miami-Buenos Aires flight in late 2018 left the cabin completely wrecked.

Is there turbulence on New York to London flights?

One route in particular that seems to be doomed for a more turbulent future is New York-London (and vice-versa), thanks to acceleration of the jet stream and clear-air turbulence expected to result from it. Flights from New York to London are expected to get more turbulent Some routes are famously turbulent, but only during certain times of year.

What to do during turbulence on a plane?

Loose articles (and food!) can also go flying during extreme turbulence, so hold onto your hats (and wine glasses!) when you start to feel bumps. Even if you avoid the most turbulent flight routes, there’s still a chance you’ll experience bumps (maybe even big ones!) during your next flight.

Where are the most turbulent flight routes in the world?

A map showing turbulence over the United States. Of course, these are not hard-and-fast rules. Indeed, as you’re about to see, many of the world’s most turbulent flight routes don’t fly over mountains at all, and are thousands of miles away from the tropics.

Which is the worst flight in the world?

Speaking from experience as someone who travels six months out of the year, I’ll put my bad-flight stories up against almost anyone’s. Take, for example, a return flight from Mumbai with a layover in Istanbul. On the second leg of the flight, one carefree passenger decided it was the appropriate time to drop ecstasy.