Are Commodores good dogs?

Are Commodores good dogs?

The breed is an excellent watchdog for both home and livestock and was originally developed for this role. Komondorok can be aggressive to other dogs. Komondorok aren’t high-energy and are happy just watching and following you around the house.

What kind of dog has dreads?

Best known for their long, corded coat resembling dreadlocks, the Puli is a hardworking herding dog and family companion.

What breed of dog looks like a mop head?

Sometimes referred to as ‘mop dogs’, the Komondor is a long-established dog breed commonly employed to guard livestock and other property. The Komondor was brought to Europe by the Cumans and the oldest known mention of it is in a Hungarian codex from 1544.

What kind of dog is an agar in Hungary?

Agar means gazehound or windhound in Hungarian. They have an ancient history along with the Magyar people that settled Hungry in the late ninth century. The Hungarian sighthound’s larger bone structure and thicker skin with shorter muzzle were suited for the hilly terrain of Hungary.

Which is the most popular breed of dog in Hungary?

Here are nine Hungarian dogs with a devoted following, although some are rarely seen outside of Hungary. The most popular of the nine Hungarian dog breeds, you may recognize the vizsla without realizing it hails from Hungary.

How big does a Hungarian Puli dog get?

That is the breed standard. However, the Hungarian Puli is a black breed of dog that looks just like the Komondor, only smaller. What you are most likely seeing is the other breed. The Komondor ranges from 2.2-2.6 feet at the shoulder and weighs between 85-130 lb.

Which is the oldest breed of Hungarian sheepdog?

Commonly thought to be the oldest of the three Hungarian sheepdogs, the puli is smaller than the Komondor but shares a similar corded coat, along with a solid guarding disposition coupled with a family-friendly attitude. If you have more than one puli, then the plural of this dog breed is pulik.