8 Ways building automation with advanced control is beneficial for businesses

Infrastructure is the central pillar of almost every business. Every business owner understands the value of advanced controls that ensure the smooth execution of the underlying infrastructure. This has open doors to a new market that provides building automation and control for commercial buildings. Companies such as Switchboard in a Box provide dynamic, versatile, and customized solutions for your specific needs. A building automation system can avoid potential shutdowns for you and prevent the occurrence of systemic problems in your infrastructure.

Building automation is a centralized system that provides advanced control over the environment of the building. This combination of hardware and software can function wireless and control electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems of the entire building. Here are some promising benefits of these systems that compel businesses to invest in them.

  • Increased value

An intelligent building system management can significantly elevate the value of your building as well as property. It certainly adds to the safety and efficiency of the property that in turn boosts the value. In the real estate market, the value of a building with an automated control system is always more than the one without such a system.

  • Enhanced performance and reduced operating cost

Building automation systems and controls are based on the principle of actionable control. It maximizes the performance of all the systems installed in the building and almost eliminates the energy. Such controlled energy consumption boosts efficiency and saves time and money for the company.

  • Better security

With the help of an automation system, you can control access to various floors of your building. You can control the elevator and bar the access to the floors that are marked restricted. It helps in monitoring and steering transient traffic and avoiding security breaches. It grants access only to authorized people and records all the activities to resolve issues later.

  • Exceptional control

By installing these systems you get advanced technologies and products to control your building. It makes safety and security top-notch. Including technologies like biometric scans, light controls, video surveillance, smoke and gas detectors, card readers, etc leaves no vulnerabilities. It makes your building almost breach-proof and gives a lot of peace of mind.

  • Long-term solution

Building automation solutions are designed with great innovation and flexibility. They can work well with your existing infrastructure and can very well accommodate new ones as you expand your business. These are sustainable solutions that are customized to address your present and future needs.

  • Sustainable and energy saving

By deploying a building automation system, companies are seen to achieve a 30% reduction in electricity cost per year. These systems can schedule devices or detect occupancy of an area and shut off the electricity automatically. Significant energy consumption also reduces the negative impact on the environment.

  • Cost-effective

Apart from saving on your electricity bills, these systems save the cost of failure and recovery. They prevent breakdowns and increase the efficiency of every component of the building. Your systems are likely to run longer with minimum possible wear and tear. So, the cost of replacing or repairing instruments is also saved.

  • Data collection

The most apparent advantage of building automation is data collection. It records all the activities in your buildings and provides detailed reports at regular intervals. This information can be used in detecting breaches or implementing refined regulations for better outcomes.