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5 Ways to Help Street Dogs in your Area

Every dog lover’s heart goes out to the stray dogs they find in the street. Despite being subjected to violence and neglect, stray dogs hold high spirits and are willing to shower love on anybody who gives them attention.

It is a sad fact that unlike domesticated or well-bred dogs we have at home, street dogs do not have their basic survival needs met. Street dogs are at the highest risk of rabies and are prone to road accidents.

Though we understand the non-feasibility of making the lives of every street dog better, a little initiative like charity for a dog can bring a significant change.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Help Street Dogs in Your Area

Arrange for a Vaccination and Sterilization Drive

Stray dogs live in a very hostile environment most of the time. Not many are up for taking care of these street dogs. Neutering adolescent dogs can help in controlling their population in the streets. This not just reduces the number of dogs neglected in the streets but also helps in controlling the rage issues in dogs.

You can do this by contacting a local NGO who cares for dogs in your locality. They will take care of the procedure and drop the dogs back in the same locality after recovery.

Arrange Vaccination Drives

The living conditions of street dogs makes them prone to a lot of diseases. Arranging a vaccination drive not just improves their health but is also good for the people around. A vaccinated dog carries lesser infection or virus and has a lesser chance of passing it on to the people in the area.

Feed the Street Dogs

Get in touch with people in your neighbourhood who will be interested in feeding stray dogs. You can form a team and split the work so that you do not feel burdened.

One can take responsibility to ensure there is always water for the dogs and someone else can take charge of a particular time of the day.

It is also important to know what to feed dogs. Not everything we eat is good for dogs. If you are planning to feed dogs, make sure you don’t feed them near the children’s park. Feed them in an area far from the living area to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Collar the Dogs

Street dogs are subjected to gruesome road accidents, especially in the nights. There are so many initiatives that work for this cause and distribute reflective collars.

Reflective collars alert the drivers in the night about the dog on the roads. This is a great way to save the dogs in your neighbourhood from accidents. Collaring the dogs also indicates that they belong to a place and reduce the violence against them.

Raise Voice against Cruelty

Educate yourself about the laws against animal cruelty and stand up for the dogs in the street. Any kind of violence or maltreatment against dogs is illegal.

Do not be a mute spectator when you come across animal abuse. If you come across someone treating street dogs poorly, let them know about the law and its consequences.


There are a lot of organizations in the city that work for the welfare of dogs. These organisations are often low on budgets to extend their services to every complaint they receive. Sponsoring or donating to any charity for dogs can be of great help.

If you cannot afford to sponsor or look after the street dogs, this can be a great option for you. Find an NGO or a charity you trust or resonate with and contribute.


There is a craze for thoroughbreds in society. A lot of dog lovers are very breed-specific when it comes to getting a pet. Did you know that the native Indian breeds that you find in the streets are smart and intelligent beings?

They are strongly built and their acclimatization to the country makes them immune to a lot of health issues. They are also very loving family dogs.

If you are looking to bring home a pet then consider adopting a street dog. Adopting a street dog is any day better than buying a dog. Educate your friends and families about the advantages of having a street dog as a pet.

If you are planning to take care of the dogs in your area do take necessary precautions. Do not approach any dog that is scared or invade its personal space. Taking care of stray dogs is more of a responsibility than just a mere hobby or passion. You are supporting a life, make sure you take the commitment seriously. Because once you do we are sure you are going to be showered with lots of love and memories if their tails wagging will stay with you life long.