5 Points To Choose Best Gaming Machine


The gaming machine is defined by a number of performance parameters. It differs from the traditional PC in the sense that a lot more performance is demanded of them in certain areas like processor speeds and graphics display. On the whole, a gaming PC has to be a lot better built than a normal machine.

When it comes to the performance of a PC, be it a gaming machine, there are some common criteria that most avid gamers tend to follow. It is wrong to say that one parameter is better than the other but each gamer tends to have some favorite points about the machine that he buys. Discussed in the brief are five of the most common criteria that are applied to gaming computers and which gets to make a big difference to the gaming experience.

Size of the Screen

Since the whole gaming experience is mostly a visual one, it goes without saying that the size of the screen or monitor goes to play a good part in deciding the performance of the gaming PC. The current market supports a large variety of screens with added features as well. Things like wrap-around monitors are here to stay in the gamer’s world.

Rather than focus on just the size of the monitor alone, the smart gamer would tend to choose a monitor that supports the latest graphics displays. Often people in pursuit of a large screen tend to ignore that the quality of the performance too matters.

Graphics Card

All modern-day PCs carry a dedicated graphics card in them. This has to do with the stress on delivering a great visual experience to the user at all times. The graphics card in a gaming PC tends to be a lot more high performance than the ordinary computer. This is because the games use very graphics rich environment all the time.

The very idea of gaming experience is to render some of the most vibrant graphics as possible. Since the demands of the graphics and with the fact that gaming machines are defined by how the graphics turn out to be, a specialized RAM called the VRAM is installed. This bit of RAM is dedicated for the performance of the graphics card alone and could well define how the gaming experience turns out to be. The right people at Tech Fast are at hand to recommend just the right about of RAM for each use.


In many ways, it is the RAM that gets to define the speed of the computer. The processor has to be aptly supported by the right amount of RAM to get the best performance from the machines all the time. With gaming PCs there is a dedicated RAM called the VRAM (Video RAM) that tends to take care of the needs of the graphics display.

It is now expected that there should be at least 4 GB of memory when choosing a gaming machine. The top-end machines tend to have memories that are up to 16 GB in size. While choosing a RAM for a PC, it is advisable to rate the machine, not on the simplest of games and its requirements. The smart gamer would choose a memory that can adapt to the most majority of the top-end games available at the instance. But with most gaming PCs the RAM can be augmented at will. Most manufacturers tend to provide the extra slot or two to accommodate the up gradation of the memory.


The sound of the gaming machine is as important a component as any other. Most avid gamers tend to use high-performance sound cards to deliver some of the most enticing sounds to the user. A good part of the sound system is the quality of speakers that tend to be included in the gaming machine. Most of the time, the built in speaker of the computer would be rather insufficient to meet the demands of the gaming environment.

A quality sub-woofer is mandatory for every gamer. It is this bit that produces the low intensity vibrations and just the right feels to a gaming situation. People investing in a gaming console tend to spend a fair sum to have the sound quality meet the performance of the PC all the time.


One of the most important input devices is the keyboards. Most gamers tend to look down on the keyboards and tend to use sophisticated joysticks to control the gaming. It must be said that there are some very high performance and customizable keyboards and joysticks to help the gamer have the experience of his lifetime available in the market.


It is wrong to assume that one or two criteria tend to define the gamer’s experience. A complete gaming machine tends to be a fair mix of some of the most high-performance devices and peripherals. Getting the combination might not work from the very first instance and the gamer must be prepared to experiment with what is available in the market to find solutions to what he expects from the gaming machine.