Why is Vermissa valley called the Valley of Fear?

Why is Vermissa valley called the Valley of Fear?

He hands Watson a written account called “The Valley of Fear”, which explains why he feared for his life. Edwards had infiltrated a murderous gang, known by locals as the Scowrers, in Vermissa Valley (a.k.a. the Valley of Fear) and brought them to justice.

Where is the Vermissa Valley?

The Vermissa Valley was a valley located in the United States. It was very rich in ore and heavily mined. The largest settlement in the valley was the town of Vermissa.

Who was John McMurdo in Valley of Fear?

At the end of Part II, however, we learn that “McMurdo” is really a Pinkerton detective named “Birdy Edwards.” Throughout all three of his “identities,” Douglas is described as fearless, intelligent, and good-humored.

What is the theme of Valley of Fear?

One of the most important themes of the novel is observation, which is what readers are encouraged to practice along with Holmes. Doyle sets out the particulars of the case without sparing any details in order to prompt his readers to think about what they see and try to form connections.

Who wrote a study in scarlet?

Arthur Conan Doyle
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A Study in Scarlet is the first detective mystery novel written by Conan Doyle to feature Sherlock Holmes, who is now the most famous literary detective characters. But back then, he barely garnered any interest. Conan Doyle wrote the novel at the age of 27 in less than three weeks.

How many pages is the Valley of Fear?

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Who is the main character in the Valley of Fear?

Sherlock Holmes
John H. WatsonProfessor MoriartyInspector LestradeBilly
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Is Moriarty in A Study in Scarlet?

It also features Professor Moriarty’s presence, though in the original Sherlock Holmes stories Moriarty did not actually appear till “The Final Problem” and was referred to as having fallen to his death in “The Adventure of the Empty House.” A parallel version of the two individuals’ first encounter was also shown in ” …

Who is the antagonist in A Study in Scarlet?

Roger Chillingworth is the antagonist of the novel. As soon as he encounters Hester and learns that she has given birth to a child fathered by another man, he becomes obsessed with thwarting her plan to keep the identity of that man a secret.