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Why is there a blue dot when I click?

Why is there a blue dot when I click?

This shows that apps with blue dots have recently been updated. In other words, when an app is updated (automatically or manually), little blue dots will appear next to the app name indicating that your app just updated. Sometimes, an app will not work until you update it.

What are the blue dots on my contacts?

Chat enabled contacts are identified by a blue dot (lower-right) on their called ID image. Once selected, the names of chat enabled participants appear in blue.

What does the blue dot mean on metropcs?

‎04-03-2020 01:10 PM in. Samsung Apps and Services. Yes it signifies that that person on your contact list also has chat features enabled.

What is the blue dot on text?

It simply means the message is unread. If you have a problem with this blue dot then you can turn it off in settings.

What does the blue dot mean?

The messages app scans your contacts and connects to your your carrier database and determines how many of your contacts are using RCS capable phones and their RCS network infrastructure. It marks the contacts with a blue dot if they have met the requirements for sending and receiving messages in chat mode.

What is the blue dot on my text messages?

The blue dot only shows up when your using the messaging app. From what I’ve figured out it means that contact is on both accounts, Google and Samsung.

What does the blue dot represent?

The blue dot means that the person you’re messaging is currently in the conversation with you. The smiley emoji means that they just opened the chat window. The blue dot means that the person you’re messaging is currently in the conversation with you.

What do blue text messages mean Samsung?

Galaxy S10 Series. Adding to this, the blue text bubble was caused by using Android Chat features, found in the Rich Communication bit of the Settings in Messages.

What does the blue circle mean on my Samsung?

What does the blue bubble mean on Android?

If a message appears in a blue bubble, it means the message was sent via Advanced Messaging. A teal bubble indicates a message sent via SMS or MMS. Sending a file.

What is the blue dot on Facebook?

Blue Closed Dot Click on “Messages” under your profile picture on your Facebook home page. This brings up the first page of your most recent messages. Any unread messages have a filled-in, or closed, blue dot to the far right of the page, in between the date received and the “X” you use to delete the message.

How can you tell the position of a Bluedot dot?

You can tell if the dot was pressed in the middle, on the top, bottom, left or right. You can easily create a BlueDot controlled Robot. Why be restricted by such vague positions like top and bottom though: you can get the exact (x, y) position or even the angle and distance from centre where the dot was pressed.

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Can you change the colour of a blue dot?

The dot doesn’t have to be blue, or a dot, you can change its colour, make it square or give it a border. You can press it, slide it, swipe it, rotate it – one blue circle can do a lot! The online documentation describes how to use Blue Dot and the Python library including Recipes and ideas. Production – under active development.