Why do the Pashtuns hate that Hazaras?

Why do the Pashtuns hate that Hazaras?

Subsequently, the Pashtuns garrisoned in Hazarajat, treated the local Hazaras inferiorly and often committed arbitrary acts of cruelty and brutality against them. This caused great unrest and a deepening hatred between the Hazaras and their Pashtun rulers, causing the Hazaras to reach their tipping point in 1892.

How many Hazara are in Afghanistan?

38-40 lakh Hazaras
HOW MANY HAZARAS ARE THERE IN AFGHANISTAN? There are about 38-40 lakh Hazaras estimated to be living in Afghanistan. This makes them form about 10-12 per cent of Afghanistan’s 3.8 crore population.

How many Kurds are in Afghanistan?

The Kurdish population is estimated to be between 30 and 45 million. Kurds speak the Kurdish languages and the Zaza–Gorani languages, which belong to the Western Iranian branch of the Iranian languages in the Indo-European language family.

Is Assef a Pashtun?

Amir and Assef is a Pashtun boy, the majority race and ethnic in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Hassan is a Hazara, a minority ethnic and race in Afghanistan.

What is the percentage of Pashtuns in Afghanistan?

There are as many as 14 recognized ethnic groups in the country, with Pashtuns making up between 40 percent and 50 percent of the population.

Where is Hazarajat Afghanistan?

central highlands
The Hazarajat lies in the central highlands of Afghanistan, among the Koh-i Baba mountains and the western extremities of the Hindu Kush. Its boundaries have historically been inexact and shifting.

How old are Pashtuns?

It seems likely that the ancestors of the Pashtun have been in the area for at least 4,000 years, then, and probably far longer. Many scholars believe that the Pashtun people are descended from several ancestral groups.

How big is the Hazara tribe in Afghanistan?

It covers about 100,000 square kilometres and is home to the Hazara tribe, which consists of anywhere between 1.5 and 4 million people. The Hazaras were prominent in the Northern Alliance that has been battling the Pashtun-dominated Taliban of the south.

Who is the leader of the Hazaras in Afghanistan?

The rapid developments of the last few months left Hazarajat, with pockets controlled by Ahmed Shah Masood in the northeast, alone in resisting the drive of the Taliban to conquer all of Afghanistan. The region is already crippled by an economic blockade which has led to near-famine conditions.

How many coalition troops have been killed in Afghanistan?

, there have been 3,459 coalition deaths in Afghanistan as part of ongoing coalition operations ( Operation Enduring Freedom and ISAF) since the invasion in 2001.

What was the population of the Hazara before the genocide?

Prior to the genocide, Hazaras made up more than half of Afghanistan’s total population. Although once a much larger ethnicity, they were now a minority, constituting roughly 9-15% of Afghanistan’s total population.