Why did Vicky leave Season 8?

Why did Vicky leave Season 8?

Vicky Pattison He quit Geordie Shore once their relationship ended (birthing Ex on the Beach, more on that later), but Vicky stuck around until the end of series nine. Years later, Vicky reflected on her decision to walk away from Geordie Shore. And, as it turns out, she just wanted to read.

What seasons of Geordie Shore is Charlotte in?

In 2017, she began presenting Just Tattoo of Us, and in 2018, Crosby began starring in her own reality series, The Charlotte Show….Filmography.

Year Title Note
2011–2016 Geordie Shore Series regular
2013 Celebrity Big Brother Housemate; winner of series 12
2014 The Charlotte Crosby Experience Presenter

Why did Sophie leave Geordie OG?

In July, The Sun Online exclusively revealed Sophie’s co-star Gaz had quit the OG series to focus on his family. The star, 32 – who has two children with fiancée Emma McVey – decided it is too much balancing parenthood with the show.

Where is Geordie Shore going to be in Season 8?

Meanwhile Charlotte and Holly announce Geordie Shore’s first-ever wedding. There’s no place quite like home and, after frantically clicking their nine-inch stiletto heels together, the Geordies we all know and love return to the hallowed turf of Newcastle for Geordie Shore Series 8.

Why is Charlotte in tears in Geordie Shore?

Charlotte is in tears after Gary and Aaron blame her for creating a boy-girl divide, and the crew take Tash-On Tours to Manchester to share the Geordie approach to singles nights: get mortal, and neck on. Things kick off in the house as Aaron hears Vicky and the girls slagging him off on the eve of his third date with Vicky.

Where did Aaron and Scott go in Geordie Shore?

After checking out the local guys, girls and Geysirs in Iceland the Geordies head back to the Toon, where it all kicks off as Aaron and Scott find out the truth about Gary and Marnie, and Gary’s dubious ‘Lad Code’. Will Aaron and Marnie finally get together and will Scott and Gary make up after Gary broke his own Lad Code?