Why did the Bee Gees write a song about Massachusetts?

Why did the Bee Gees write a song about Massachusetts?

During a chance meeting in London between the Seekers’ lead singer Judith Durham and Maurice Gibb, Durham learned that “Massachusetts” was originally intended for her group and in 2003 the Seekers recorded the song as a tribute to Maurice following his death earlier that year.

Which Bee Gee sang Massachusetts?

Bee Gees

Who wrote Massachusetts by the Bee Gees?

Barry Gibb
Robin GibbMaurice Gibb

Did the Bee Gees ever go to Massachusetts?

The Bee Gees had never actually been to Massachusetts when they recorded this; they just liked the sound of the name. Robin Gibb explained in 1000 UK #1 Hits by Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh: “We have never been there but we loved the word and there is always something magic about American place names.

Why did Barry Gibb sing falsetto?

0filways been their trademark. Everything on “Main Course” was punchy; not even the slow songs sounded slow. Their singing style began to incorporate falsetto singing as a playful accompaniment to Robin Gibb’s deeper, more quavery lead vocals, or falsetto harmonies to cap off melodies that spiraled ever upwards.

What is the meaning of the song Massachusetts?

The song is about the effects of drugs on individuals and their families. “The State of Massachusetts” was one of the 100-most-played songs on U.S. modern rock radio in October 2007.

What are the lyrics to Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Lyrics. [Verse 1] Far away across the oceans. An undiscovered paradise. Forget New York and California. There’s a better place – now close your eyes. Take my hand. We are almost there.

What is the song Massachusetts about?

The state song of Massachusetts celebrates the state’s patriotism. “All Hail to Massachusetts” mentions many aspects of the state’s role in the Revolutionary War. Bunker Hill was one of the first battles for the Colonial Army. Copyright Protected:

What songs have the Bee Gees written?

The 10 Best Songs Written by the Bee Gees – That Became Hits for Other Artists 1) “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,” Al Green (1972) 2) “Love Me,” Yvonne Elliman (1976) 3) “ More Than a Woman ,” Tavares (1977) 4) “Grease,” Frankie Valli (1978) 5) “Emotion,” Samantha Sang (1978) 6) “If I Can’t Have You,” Yvonne Elliman (1978)