Why did Shure stop making needles?

Why did Shure stop making needles?

“In recent years, the ability to maintain our exacting standards in the Phonograph Cartridge product category has been challenged,” the company said in a statement today, “resulting in cost and delivery impacts that are inconsistent with the Shure brand promise.” Because of this, they will discontinue all of their DJ …

Are Shure cartridges still made?

Shure has been making cartridges for turntables since 1937, but no more. Its mic and headphone businesses will remain. Shure phono cartridges. Shure announced all phono cartridge models will be discontinued, but Shure’s microphone and headphone production is unaffected.

Did Shure go out of business?

Shure, an American audio company that has been delivering audio products to professionals and punters for more than 90 years, has announced the end of its phono cartridge business.

When did Shure stop making cartridges?

The End Of Shure Cartridges In 2014, the M44-7 received a wonderful writeup as a DJ industry standard on Resident Advisor. Suffice to say that Shure had a very, very good reputation with DJs – but as we’ve seen with Technics, that’s not always good enough to keep a product alive.

What is the best phono cartridge?

  • Goldring E3. One of the best cartridges we’ve heard at the money – a fine all-rounder.
  • Goldring 1042. This Goldring takes a bit of effort to get in place, but the sound is worth it.
  • Ortofon Quintet Blue.
  • Ortofon 2M Red.
  • Nagaoka MP110.
  • Ortofon 2m Blue MM.
  • Audio Technica AT-F7.
  • Goldring 2500.

What company owns Shure?

Shure Incorporated has been owned by the Shure family since its founding. Shure Incorporated was founded in Chicago in 1925 by Sidney N. Shure.

Is Shure a good brand?

Both Shure and Sennheiser make excellent handheld wireless microphone systems and are considered the best brands of wireless microphones.

Is Shure made in China?

I know Shure manufactures its products in Mexico and China. Shure products are famous worldwide for their ruggedness and reliability. Our reputation of 87+ years is based on ruggedness and reliability.

Is Sennheiser better than Shure?

The Shure SM58 is more durable than the Sennheiser E835. In terms of durability, there are very few microphones that fare better than the SM58. So, the Shure SM58 would be able to hold itself a lot better than the Sennheiser E835. However, both microphones are great in this regard.

What kind of sound does a Shure M44-7 make?

Combining the Shure unique wide-diameter Type S cantilever with a tracking force of 1.5 to 3.0 grams, the M44-7’s rugged construction is highly durable, but will not unduly wear your vinyl. With a 9.5 mV output, the highest on the market, the M44-7 produces very powerful, resonant sound.

What kind of turntable needle does Shure use?

Turntable needle for SHURE 7575EJ phono cartridge. Turntable needle for SHURE 757EJ phono cartridge. Turntable needle for SHURE 800E phono cartridge. Turntable needle for SHURE 9500S phono cartridge. Turntable needle for SHURE 96XE phono cartridge. Turntable needle for SHURE 9756C phono cartridge. Turntable needle for SHURE 9757E phono cartridge.

Is there a replacement stylus for the Shure 44?

Nearly after 3 years, JICO is proudly to announce a special cartridge that serves as both a genuine replacement stylus for the Shure 44 model and a JICO replacement stylus. similar to the specification of the genuine Shure M44G cartridge.

What is the needle for a M44-7 phonograph cartridge?

Needle replaces M44-7 and M44-7-H phonograph cartridge needle. Needle replaces M44-7 and M44-7-H phonograph cartridge needle. Watertight cartridge carrying case protects and stores up to 4 cartridges at once.