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Why did Peter Gordeno leave UFO?

Why did Peter Gordeno leave UFO?

After appearing in six episodes – Identified, Computer Affair, Flight Path, Exposed, Conflict and A Question Of Priorities – he was convinced by his agent to leave the series to avoid typecasting. The producers were pleased with his performance, and publicised Peter Carlin as one of the shows main characters.

Where was UFO filmed?

A single series of 26 episodes (including the pilot) was filmed over the course of more than a year; a five-month production break was caused by the closure of MGM-British Studios in Borehamwood, where the show was initially made. Production then moved to Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

When was the UFO TV show made?

September 16, 1970
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What were the cars used in UFO?

The two SHADO cars seen in the series were made from Ford Zephyr IV chassis. The name of the planet that the aliens hailed from is never mentioned. Special effects from the pilot are reused throughout the series.

Who was Peter Gordeno and what did he do?

Peter Gordeno was born on June 20, 1939 in Rangoon, Burma as Peter Godenho. He is known for his work on UFO… annientare S.H.A.D.O. stop. Uccidete Straker… (1974), UFO (1970) and Carry on Columbus (1992). He died on October 18, 2008 in London, England. Worked extensively on recordings with John Barry in the early sixties.

How many episodes of dance did Peter Gordeno play?

Gordeno plunged into the part, often performing his own action stunts, but left after only seven episodes of the 26-part series when his agent warned him of the dangers of typecasting.

When did Peter Gordeno release his first album?

Three albums of his released during the 1970s were The World Of Peter Gordeno in 1970, With Feeling in 1976 and the Norman Newell produced Peter Gordeno. He hosted the televised DIsco Dance 79 world finals. His son is musician Peter Gordeno .

Who is Peter Gordeno of Depeche Mode?

His son, also called Peter Gordeno, is a songwriter and producer, who has toured with Depeche Mode since 1998. ^ “World Disco Dancing Championship 1980 (1980)”. Bfi.org.uk. Retrieved 1 August 2020.