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Why are the Logies called the Logies?

Why are the Logies called the Logies?

The very first TV Awards from TV Week, for the year 1958, were announced in the magazine in January 1959. Graham Kennedy, who won the award for Best Male Personality, named the award ‘Logie’ after Scottish engineer John Logie-Baird, who developed the first television technology.

Where are the Logies held?

Star Gold Coast
The Logie awards ceremony will be held at The Star Gold Coast on the Gold Coast, Queensland for four years, with support of the Queensland government.

Did Home and Away win a Logie?

Brummer was best known for his role on Summer Bay between 1992-1996 where he featured in more than 500 episodes. In 1995 and 1996, he won the silver Logie for Most Popular Actor for his role in Home And Away and was nominated for the gold in 1996. Many of his fans have taken to social media, mourning Brummer’s death.

How do you get nominated for a Gold Logie?

The winner and nominees of the Gold Logie are chosen by the public through an online voting survey on the TV Week website. Gold Logies were awarded for separate male and female categories in 1962, 1967, 1970, 1971, and between 1974 and 1977.

What is a Logie?

lo·​gie | \ ˈlōgē \ plural -s. Definition of logie (Entry 2 of 2) : a piece of imitation jewelry designed for use in theater productions.

What happened to Miles on Home and Away?

Aaron died of alcohol-related illness, so Miles became an English teacher. He married a woman called Louise and they had a daughter called Amber. They both died in the Boxing Day tsunami whilst on holiday in Phuket. He then went on a downward spiral and became a homeless drifter.

How long is Home and Away been going for?

Home And Away first aired on the 17th of January 1988 on Channel Seven, which makes the show an impressive 33 years old, an incredible accomplishment for any original production. In fact, it’s the second longest-running show in Australia, after Neighbours.

When did agro’s Cartoon Connection win a Logie Award?

In 1989, the Seven Network screens the Logie Awards for the first time. In 1997, Agro’s Cartoon Connection won its seventh consecutive Logie Award for Most Popular Children’s Program, ending the longest undefeated streak of the Logies of either show or person.

Who was the original host of the Logie Awards?

The event has been strongly associated with TV and former radio personality Bert Newton, particularly in the early days, he has served as a solo host of the ceremony on 17 occasions, with a constant run from 1966 until 1980 and as co-host on 3 occasions. Over the years, the Logies have been hosted in Melbourne and Sydney.

When was the last time the Logie Awards were cancelled?

The decade of the 2010s was the first decade where no one won the Gold Logie award more than once. On 29 April 2020, the Logie Awards scheduled for 28 June 2020, were cancelled outright prior to any voting or nominations taking place, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What makes a program eligible for the Logie Awards?

The Most Outstanding categories are voted on by a jury comprising members of the Australian TV industry peers. There were 15 categories in the industry awards at the Logie Awards of 2018 . To be eligible to receive a Logie, a program must be Australian produced, set in Australia and have a predominantly Australian cast.