Who Won Mayweather vs Castillo 2?

Who Won Mayweather vs Castillo 2?

Fellow HBO analyst Larry Merchant also scored it 115-113 for Mayweather. The Associated Press had the fight 116-112 for Mayweather.

How old was Floyd Mayweather when he fought Castillo?

Going up against Castillo, at The MGM Grand in his home of Las Vegas, 25-year-old Mayweather challenged the 28-year-old known as “El Temible” for the Mexican’s WBC lightweight crown.

When did Floyd Mayweather fight Castillo?

Castillo is best known for his 2005 fight against Diego Corrales, for which he received Fight of the Year awards by both The Ring and the Boxing Writers Association of America, as well as his first fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., which ended with controversial scorecards.

Did Floyd really lose to Castillo?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. won the first four rounds of his lightweight title bid against Jose Luis Castillo last Saturday night. Castillo won most of the rounds over the second half of their 12-round bout. Mayweather was ultimately awarded the unanimous decision.

Who was the winner of Mayweather vs Castillo?

Undefeated Super Featherweight Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. makes the jump to lightweight to take on WBC Champion Jose Luis Castillo. After tearing his rotator cuff in the opening round, Mayweather has to dig deep to capture Castillo’s crown via close, controversial decision in a fight in which both fighters are deducted points.

Is there a rematch with Jose Luis Castillo?

The fight was controversial enough to the Mayweather team that a rematch was signed. After Mayweather’s successful shoulder surgery, Castillo re-matched with Mayweather.

Who was the Mexican that Floyd Mayweather lost to?

Jose Luis Castillo was the opponent in question at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, for what was his 28th professional contest. Mayweather had burst onto the scene and captured the WBC super-featherweight title but this time he was moving up to the 135lbs division for a clash with the Mexican – and the WBC lightweight title was on the line.

When did Jose Luis Castillo win the lightweight title?

On June 5, 2004, Castillo regained the Lightweight title and won the vacant Ring Lightweight title by defeating Ring No. 1 ranked Lightweight, Juan Lazcano. Castillo won the fight by unanimous decision, by the scores of 117-111, 116-112, and 115-113.