Who were the buoys?

Who were the buoys?

Bill Kelly
Jerry G. HludzikCarl Siracuse
The Buoys/Members
The Buoys were an American pop/rock band from the early 1970s. Its membership included Bill Kelly, Fran Brozena, Jerry Hludzik, Carl Siracuse and Chris Hanlon, based in the Wilkes-Barre-Scranton, Pennsylvania area. They are most famous for the banned song “Timothy”, which was written for them.

What year was the song Timothy released?


When was the song Timothy made?

February 1970
The song describes a mine cave-in and aftermath, with the implication that the two survivors cannibalized their companion, the eponymous Timothy of unknown classification….Timothy (song)

Released February 1970
Recorded 1970
Genre Pop rock
Length 2:45

What is the point of a bell buoy?

A nun buoy is conical, used principally to mark the right or starboard side of a channel. A bell buoy is larger than a can or nun buoy. It has a flat top surmounted by a framework into which a bell is fixed. The motion of the sea causes the bell to ring.

Why is it called a buoy?

buoy (n.) “float fixed in a place to indicate the position of objects underwater or to mark a channel,” late 13c., boie, probably from Old French buie or Middle Dutch boeye, both of which likely are from Proto-Germanic *baukna- “beacon, signal” (see beacon).

Who wrote the song Timothy?

The Buoys

What are the bells in the ocean called?

A buoy (/bɔɪ/, /ˈbuːi/) is a floating device that can have many purposes. It can be anchored (stationary) or allowed to drift with ocean currents.

Can a buoy sink?

BUOY WEAR hats float in any and all water conditions, so you can find it easily after a crash while kiteboarding or if it falls off your head from a boat. The waves have no affect on the hat and as you can see, the hat sits above the water’s surface and does not sink.

When did the song Timothy come out in the US?

It reached the U.S. Billboard Top 40 chart on April 17, 1971, where it remained on the chart for eight weeks and peaked at #17. On the U.S. Cash Box Top 100, it spent two weeks at #13.

When did Timothy by the buoys come out?

There are two bands called The Buoys 1- Rock band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania that had the top-20 hit “Timothy” in 1971, followed by “Give Up Your Guns.” “Timothy,” a novelty song about trapped miners… read more

Who is the composer of the song Timothy?

Written by Rupert Holmes of “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” fame, the song “Timothy” is seemingly the only top 40 pop hit about cannibalism. The song details coal miners trapped, and only two of the three escape.

Who are the main characters in the song Timothy?

Timothy is a song written by Rupert Holmes and recorded by the Buoys in 1970, presenting the unnerving story of three men trapped in a collapsed mine, two of whom apparently resort to cannibalism against the third (the eponymous character Timothy).