Who sang the song Baby Blue?

Who sang the song Baby Blue?

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What year was baby blue Badfinger?

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What was the song Baby Blue written about?

The song is about a guy who keeps his girl (his “baby blue”) waiting too long and loses her. It seems to be based on his long-distance relationship with Dixie, which he couldn’t maintain. Todd Rundgren produced this track.

Who wrote Baby Blue song?

Pete Ham
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“Baby Blue” is a song by the Welsh band Badfinger from their 1971 album, Straight Up. The song was written by Pete Ham, produced by Todd Rundgren, and released on Apple Records. As a single in the US in 1972, it went to #14.

Why is baby blue breaking bad?

“Baby Blue,” the memorable 1972 Badfinger track that closes Breaking Bad as an ode to blue meth, was creator Vince Gilligan’s idea. His music team didn’t agree. Thomas Golubić, the show’s music supervisor, kept picking alternate “blue” songs, all of which Gilligan politely rejected.

Who is the richest member of Pretty Ricky?

Pleasure P net worth: Pleasure P is an American R&B singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $2 million. Pleasure P earned his net worth a member of the popular group Pretty Ricky and through a successful solo career. Pleasure P was born on December 27, 1984 in Carver Ranches, West Park, Florida.

How Much Is Blue from Pretty Ricky worth?

Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith, 36, has a reported net worth of $10million. The rapper made a fortune as a founding member of Miami group Pretty Ricky.

What was the song Baby Blue by Badfinger about?

The mix was different, as was the way they edited the whole thing, but I thought it was great.” Baby Blue was the last major hit of Badfinger’s career. As with prior successes like _Come And Get It and Day After Day_, the song was a yearning rock ballad that provided a bridge between The Beatles and Big Star.

Who is Dixie in Baby Blue by Badfinger?

The “Dixie” addressed in the song’s lyrics was a real person, a former girlfriend of singer/songwriter Pete Ham. Todd Rundgren produced this track. A year later, Rundgren released his breakthrough album Something/Anything?, where he wrote, produced and performed all the songs, including the hits ” I Saw The Light ” and ” Hello It’s Me .” >>

What was the last hit song for Badfinger?

The last US Top 40 hit for Badfinger, this song marked the beginning of a devastating decline for the band. They were signed to The Beatles’ Apple Records – Straight Up was their third album on the label and featured contributions from George Harrison.

Why was the song Baby Blue played in Breaking Bad?

The song was played during the last minutes of the final episode of the TV drama, Breaking Bad. The show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, said it represented the protagonist, Walter White’s love of his own creation, the blue meth.